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Sincerity Versus Greed

on July 14, 2013

SG purported responsibility, doing charitable deeds, serving the people.

Thinking back, to give graciously means not seeking recognition nor fame. SG differed. SG wanted large print thank you notes from donees.

SG used it for publicity and glamour. I often wonder what is to give and give unconditionally. Fame? Recognition? Glamour? Or subtle quiet giving without wanting anything in return?

SG wafted into my life in 1989.

SG got married and returned in 2001 explaining his unhappy marriage and debts he owed. I believed yet did not believe as I remember House used to say “people lie all the time”.

SG’s perennial lying did not gel as his stories did not seem to flow. If one sought to lie, one ought to lie with finesse!

SG lived in a magnificent 3 storey house. SG was served by servants, did not have to lift a finger to boil water and had even a maid to pack his travel bag. So much for a hardship life. Hmm.. I used to think how the poor in less fortunate situations would compare.

SG constantly reminded me of his debts but his frivolous actions of “throwing wealth” made me think very hard.

If there was any conster larger than Bonnie or Clyde, I would think SG would excel. The birds in the trees would swoop down in belief of a safer life on the ground.

SG is a good marketer and I admired his ability to spin a yarn to suit his selfish needs – SG would arguably say, I was the selfish one.

SG is an opportunist and I suppose all good businessmen would say to be an opportunist was the road to great entrepreneurial success.

Wherein lies the ethics, morality or sincerity? How does one discern from living in a world of truthfulness versus lies? Does one accept a single aged lady of 80 years + as god mother as she has a successful business and no one to inherit her wealth through much aplomb amidst Las Vegas or California glamour? Or does one seek not to gain but have an altruistic view of life? A morally hard question to answer I think!



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  1. Daal says:

    am enjoying your blog 🙂

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