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on July 21, 2013

Sunday…Sunday Times is always a delight to receive as I enjoy the many articles within. Light reading it makes over coffee and walnut toast. Weekends are quiet without Beng poking in with his “brekkie” or “brunchie” requests. I was his filler in space hobby. Still I wonder how he is faring these days in solitude. But I do remember that Beng is a survivor and probably is having a whale of a time doing something FUN!

Money does help in making a man his life’s choices. It also restrains man and makes man beholden to the giver of money!

A colleague asked me once, are there friends at work? I firmly said “No” – Being in a posiiton whereby I may be seen as bias or unfair practice, I said I cannot be friends with all but can be friendly and helpful. This way – arm’s length is best way of managing humans!

Friends are chosen carefully. If I die and can count with my fingers the people I have as true friends, it would be great. Other than that, for now, the cynical me says “be used or used” – this epitomises of how I have been “befriended”. I remember how people sought help to get a leg up in business or asked me to do their bidding or garner a door into my networks, but hey once the usefulness is done, people tend to do a Houdini on you.

On to nicer things. I managed to catch the season finale of Gregory House. I admired his loyalty to Wilson and I winced as to if something happens to me would Beng be there. I doubt and can firmly say, NO.

Wilson and House are truly good friends to each other and I admire the cyncial House who is seen most times as a selfish and rude intelligent man, a softie at heart.

Here is to wishing when end times draw near, there is someone to sit with me and be there for me.


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