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When Is A Lie “Useful”?

on August 17, 2013


Grapes of wrath is the theme here.

If you knew Gregory House, his infamous tagline is “Everybody Lies”!

I take the cynical approach and tend to agree with House. Most times people lie, be it “white” lies or an exaggerated truth. It is to these people, a means to an end; usually of economic gain or physical mind or bodily control.

So when is a lie a good or a bad?

I suppose to protect loved ones say for example if someone has an incurable disease and the need to maintain secrecy for the sake of a positive mindset to up defences. Perhaps this is acceptable. But inwardly most patients know. Hence should it be a course of aggressive therapy or palliative care to enjoy quality of life in end times, closing chapters and loose ends to leave without remorse, regret or baggages? This is the conundrum our society faces. When is it ever a “right” choice or it gives you a “right” to “lie”?

Most, if not all, businessmen lie! If they do not wheel or deal, how do they stay ahead of the pack in a dog eat dog world?

I sometimes feel that their persona in lying is carried through to their personal lives. Lying becomes second nature and they can lie without batting an eyelid.

It is a shame to adopt this lifestyle choice. No truth nor trust exists as lies follow more lies such that they get lost in the web of deceit.

Without any element of truths or half truths how can one ever extend a helping hand to aid such people if they persist in this quagmire of lies?

I know of such colorful personalities and I cannot help but smile inwardly when I catch their lie. Unfortunately I have a gift. It is a gift that is both a boon and a curse. The gift of hearing, listening and remembering. I do not forget things I hear. Unless it is wiped out from anaesthesia.

One gent stands out as he takes me as his personal fool. He piles on his lies like sloppy joe on a bun and I watch as I listen. I reflect and wonder why he is so desperate to win my trust through such conscientious lies?

I suupose it could be this person’s lack of confidence, inferiority complex and an urgent need to make millions overnight!

Wealth takes time to grow and accumulate. It is augmented by frugal or careful spending traits. It is useless if you spend as fast as you earn. No mathematical equation can help equate this.

The morale of this story is….”paper cannot wrap fire”. Lies are usually caught out. The intricate thing is; if or will the person you lie to, will continue to be patiently understanding and continue to trust you to help you stop voracious lying?

Trust, faith and belief or I quote Bird, ” Me, Myself and I” mentality rules or honesty is the best policy presides?

I am patiently waiting for this man to stop taking me for a fool and return with an apology and a deep intent to want to stop lying.

There is nothing to be gained from plying more lies on me. I appreciate the truth always.

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