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Why I Blog?

on August 18, 2013


I love writing and have a lot to talk about but do not have the time to share as I am usually caught up with work. A fellow volunteer I work with at NE CDC often tells me to stop and smell the roses before it is too late.

Yes, life is short and I feel I am like a hamster running on the wheel most times. But I have taken it much easier in 2013. I gave up the yen for strategic positioning in any company. I work for the sake of working and keeping occupied. I no longer have the passion to better things as it just causes too much angst.

I am tired of the political play and power jostling. At the end of it, it is all but a power play. If I had wanted power play, I would have taken on a more prestigious role BUT I need the need to fight then.

Unfortunately I thought I would take a step down but it does not seem so. My talent screams loud and somehow I now helm 3 large departments and they slapped on a Headship role. Key to remaining below the radar is pivotal to me and so I shall still do just that and remain incognito.

I was recently asked to provide quotes for a publication for a voluntary group I champion the cause of.  It was taken verbatim and so, I believe I can write somewhat in different roles and in different tones.

I learnt to write for the public and this resulted in my letters to the Editor being featured.

I wrote messages for VIPs and these also get accepted for print. I also wrote messages for CEOs that I worked for and each time what is written is usually taken wholesale.

S Man recently said that I wrote like the famous Mr Pillay – short, crisp and sharp.

Different strokes for different folks.

In my blog, I tend to ramble and my first drafts are my last. I somehow let the words flow without thinking and it comes out nicely and quickly too.

So, when I have the time, I can write loads of stuff and ideas never run dry. Words need not be wordy. Words need not be bombastic but simplistic to carry a point.

I was asked once to write an MBA dissertation for BC and when things soured up between us, he never managed to get his MBA.

Beng also asked me to vet and crystallise his wordiness into succinct passages for his columns.

Writing is easy if you have a broad view perspective of things. But the trick of it is to write in accordance to the audience you target. For me, my blog is private. I do not tell people about it and people would not want to read it as I write stuff that concerns me and no one else.

There is no need for anyone to take notice as these incidents happen to me or if affects me.  More importantly, it allows me to vent my unhappiness, feel morose or upbeat as and when I have a snippet of time in between meetings or when I am “brain-dead” at work and need a distraction!

I love WordPress.


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