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3 Cheers For Medishield To Include ALL!

on August 20, 2013

I am happy that great tweaks are on the way for our nation’s Medishield insurance scheme.

I strongly supported this and gave honest and open feedback to Mr Lim Swee Say and to PM Lee when we met on 22 March 2013 for tea.

I remember in an email I wrote the next day (I promised Mr Lim I would write to explain the plight as he too, could not grasp what his ward was saying at MPS sessions) to Mr Lim and he promptly referred me to Mr Gan Kim Yong. They both listened, so did PM Lee.

I see the plight of elders who were excluded from this scheme as an elder given age and time, will have pre-existing illnesses such that it excludes them from participation in this Medishield scheme. Further, some have aged beyond the expiry dates of Medishield when they have to be dropped out on reaching 80yrs of age. I understood the burden of health care cost and I can assure you, it is not cheap if consumed incorrectly.

By having no capping to age and inclusion for life time coverage, it gives this group of elders a safety net.

Kudos to the government for listening in on our feedback and valuing the contributions of this pioneer group of Singaporeans.

I am but a single digit in Singapore’s population and I am happy my small voice was heard alongside others and made a difference.

One day I will grow old too and I sincerely hope to be continuously covered under Medishield as it re-invents itself to stay relevant to our populations needs for healthcare services.

My sincere thanks to PM Lee, Ministers Lim and Gan for their listening ears!

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