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All About Stray Dogs

on August 21, 2013

Stray dogs tend to have a distinct element of surviving. Today I saw another stray dog near my work place. I have started naming them and this one, I called Frankie. Not a large dog, Frankie has a clipped tail and short coat. Again, Frankie crossed at the crossing, waiting for the lights to turn to his favour to cross.

I remembered my parents bringing home a stray puppy they got from the owners of a fishing pond in Yishun (in those days, called “Nee Soon”) . The owners of the 3 magnificent fishing ponds in rustic kampong style had strays coming in and they fed them. Whenever the strays had litters of pups, the owners (I cannot remember their names but I remember their son, Bertie, who used to run about with us like wild kids as we went about fishing) whom I shall name Bertie’s mum, came up and offered my dad a pick of the litter.

My dad brought home (he felt was the smartest of the litter) a light brown puppy with the cutest eyes. We promptly named him Husky.

Husky grew up strong and extremely ferocious to strangers. He was a loyal pet and always looked after our property with immense pride and protection.

Husky was not one to play with. He did not like his playthings moved or food touched when he is being fed. We as kids, learnt to respect his boundaries.

Soon after, Husky had a companion. My sister’s tutor had a beagle who delivered a litter of mixed pariah and beagle bred pups. We selected a puppy (he was left over and no one wanted to adopt him and he was to be sent to SPCA) and named it, King.

King was different from Husky. He had patches like a Beagle but his size was larger than a Beagle. He was playful and loved to chew things. he liked being rubbed down whereas Husky was the tough “man” of the household and felt these things were soppy! Further, King loved eating anything whereas Husky was fussier.

But King was terrified of thunder and storms. As a puppy he must have been frightened and so whenever it rained or thundered, King would sit with us as he cowered and trembled. If only there was a pet psychiatrist in those days!

King and Husky left for the heavens in the 1980s. Husky died of a brain haemorrhage – we call it a stroke or that was what the vet said. As for King he developed digestive issues and we suspect it could have been something he ate. Still they passed after having lived closed to 10 years of doggie life each!

Strays have a distinct survival instinct and this was what I saw in my two “strays”. They are fiercely loyal and have no hesitation to attack if they feel that an intruder has come into their space. But underneath all the “toughness”, like any pet, they need love and care – in turn, we had their love, protection, loyalty and care.

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