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Prophetic Speaker

on October 12, 2013

I went to The Upper Room this evening. I enjoyed the sermon by Pastor Jeff and was told he ministers to the people on the street. He is humorous and rather entertaining. I found him insightful.

I met another Prophetic speaker. He asked me to “let go” and write to the people whom I felt had done me wrong and asked for their “forgiveness”. This hit a raw nerve as it reminded me of a man whom I let him to get close to me to hurt me.

Asking this man to “forgive” me?! I wonder if this man would write to ask me to “forgive” him for what he had done to me?!

Impossible task or should I say unbelievably impossible for me to do. Sounds proverbial i.e. asking your enemy to forgive you?

Call it emotional baggage or whatever, I cannot forgive the people who hurt me. I hate them for what they have done to me, especially this man as I cannot believe his Christian faith supports his action and that he takes no ownership of his actions. I look at the heavens and ask why? Why do I have to ask forgiveness from the people who made my life a living hell? I am prepared to face my maker and tell him that “sorry” is not a word I would offer them. Since these people including this man can get away with their deeds and actions, then they deserve my hatred.

Perhaps if this horrid man and the horrid people who did me wrong would care to call me or write to tell me that they have now in them an ounce of sorrow to say sorry, then maybe I may begin to forgive them. Till then, the prophetic speaker will not see me anymore.

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