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Thinking Positive Don’t Help, Practicality Does!

on October 12, 2013

I do not believe in positivity rah rah sayings as I know no amount of positive thoughts can change a diagnosis or outcome.

If a diagnosis is made for any medical condition then dealing with it is far more practical.

There is much to do. Eg preparing for inevitable end or less painful process of treatment.

I always believe in a less painful death or easy death i.e. a swift one and a less costly one.

Medical cost to treat is expensive in Singapore and so, many would prefer a swift death. Lingering death is horrid as costly and no dignity to dying process.

Even with insurance, there is a need to pay and claim. One needs fluidity to sustain treatment before refunds come back in.

I think too much. I tend to be prepared and take battles head on. I cannot afford to sit back and pray for an immaculate solution as higher forces such as God does not seem to be in tune with my physical needs. This would be the single most stupidest act if I sat back and wait for a non existent divine intervention.

Que Sera Sera…..if my journey is complete on Earth then I must take leave. Perhaps then I will have eternal happiness, away from horrid life, people who sap all my energies and unnecessary financial issues made by man.

No more politics at work, home or anywhere. Now that would be ideal!

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