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Friday – My Long Awaited Weekend Ahead!

on October 24, 2013

It has been a trying two weeks for me that literally exhausted me both mentally and physically! Each evening, I would crawl home and long to cuddle into bed with my favourite Garfield in a 22 degree Celsius air-condition controlled environment!

Yes, I one of those that prefers a cooler room temperature than those who say sleeping in a 25 degree Celsius temperature saves electrical cost.

I am not one of those as I find it too uncomfortable to sleep in a room at 25 degree Celsius- it is almost choking really!

Why has my week been hectic?

Work has been piling up and a colleague who sat with me yesterday said some wise words which made me ponder – he asked me why is my “book getting so thick” and if I understood or know how to use three words – “I don’t know”

Ha ha! Uncle R does make me laugh sometimes. He is not a fuddy duddy uncle per se. He is a graduate from a famous Newcastle university in Scotland and he is a senior manager with a full understanding of how the ground works in terms of engineering. He is one that “walks the talk” and can discard his long sleeve shirt and put on a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and go to the ground to wreak havoc on workers not doing their tasks! I like his style! He is not a pencil pusher I must say or a glorified administrator but a seriously knowledgeable engineer!

Hmm…my book has indeed gotten thicker as the months go by and I believe I am arrowed for more things to come. If I looked at the tasks given to me, I could say I am proud as management seems to think I can do it OR I can be selfish for self and say, hey my bosses are milking me for every $ they pay me!

This is where I prefer the half full concept of a glass of water and choose to believe that my bosses think I am capable therefore they are making me apply myself very hard! I am happy with the achievements and yes, undoubtedly it works my grey cells to the bone, I find that my speed is higher and scope wider. I do not know if I am happy with it though but I suppose, happiness is elusive and to me, if I got the job done, it is one item out of the way.

But I do pity the team that works under me as it means if I took on more, they will also have to carry on more as my load increases, so does theirs!

I am proud of my team of 7 whom I see everyday and 8 whom I hardly see but once a month as they are located in the other locations. Still, work gets done with smart IT media these days.

I do have a lame duck and a bunch of idiots whom I am now making them more alert and taking ownership of their tasks. I have one particular team mate who works in a world of her own. Speaking to her or obtaining information from her is harder than trying to get into Fort Knox! I feel that to get information from her, one needs to peel an onion and with each peel, tears would roll down my cheeks. The facial expression I would get when speaking to her is a mouth opened blank look attitude.  I feel that she does not fit into her current job scope as she tends to “hide” information or clearly does not understand what is team work.

Another lamer duck is practically looking very busy everyday, disappearing acts and doing tasks that is not hers to begin with. Exasperating bunch and I call this one, “headless chicken” – truly no management skills yet taking on a manager’s title.

Under her reign, she has created a bunch of mini headless chicken and again her regiment is silo information and refusal to create a team. With 3 persons under her, she runs a mini empire with no clue as to what is expected of her other than fire fighting when deadline is up and her butt is under fire!

Life is peachy and hence I look forward to this Weekend with gusto before next week rolls by and it is back to my hamster wheel again.

Have a nice weekend ahead folks & may it be a restful one too 🙂

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