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Sunflower Seeds – A Rare Find In Stores

on October 29, 2013

The humble sunflower seeds have not only escalated in price but they are hard to suss out.

Before my brother left for HK, he found some at Fragrance, a competitor of Bee Cheng Hiang chain of grilled bak kwa. Like a parrot, I whalloped an entire packet in a sitting.

Sunflower seeds are great diet food. It makes me full too, imagining a full meal when all that chewing produced 25gm after shelling them.

So, I was delighted to see some at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and grabbed 3 packets. I could have bought a carton but heh heh with my degenerated spine, it would be a feat to cart it home!

I read once on the web that too much sunflower seeds may cause neurological disorders. The article did not say how much per consumption?!

So, I practice moderation. I shall eat sparingly. Hmm this is not a problem as it is hard to find sunflower seeds in its shell form without seasonings. I am almost tempted to buy them from a pet shop as it seems to be what hamsters eat ha ha!

Anyway, today I was at a kopi tiam at Gleneagles and I was disappointed that their kopi set was limited and it costs $2.50! I miss my kopi french toast set at $2.20 at SGH.

But I digress….back to Changi Airport T3, there are loads of shopping to do. Watsons and Cocoa Company has GST absorbed. There’s plenty of food outlets including a gelato stall that sells interesting flavours like “cat mountain durian”, guava, Johnnie Walker Black Label etc! Cool flavours at $6.50 a pop!

As for the video shop at B2 they were selling chinese soap serials at $10 per set of 8 dvds to $79.90.

Yes, I find shopping at Changi Airport T3 a breeze as parking is plentiful, GST absorbed and enough space for me between humans to feel less claustraphobic!

You ought to try it sometime and load up on stuff.

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