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Dr Oon Chong Teik

on November 22, 2013

Dr Oon is an accomplished Thomas Cupper Badminton, Iron Man, Marathoner and triathelete.

I first met Doc Oon through my brother who both ran the triathelete circuit.

Throughout my childhood, I hardly saw doctors, other than Dr Fernandez and Dr Vaswani for common cold or fevers.

Things fell apart after my 6 car pile up at AYE and my spine became an issue.

I then began my arduous journey with doctors at age 28 years!

Doc Oon was practising at Mt E with his lovely wife, Dr Chung Sook Yin.

Both are a delightful couple and Dr Chung is extremely sharp on diagnostics.

To cite an example:

I had a cough, fever of unknown origin and ENT, chest physician were baffled.

As they ran tests, Dr Chung (whom I called Fair Maiden) brought out her medical books and went through my symptoms and blood test results.

Before 10 minutes passed, she pointed to Sjorgren’s. She told me to have my chest doc run several tests to prove including a lip biopsy.

I was labelled an autoimmune sufferer of Sjorgren’s when the tests returned. I was then introduced to Prof Fong Kok Yong.

They specialised in internal meds and infectious diseases. Most malaria or dengue cases from the region were medi evacuated to Mt E and he would take care of them with positive outcomes.

My first spinal surgery failed at Mt E and I almost died. Dr Oon helped me make sense of my medical complications that arose from meds, adhesives, rubber items, food etc that complicated my recovery.

He provided me with medical information to read up and taught me to register meds I take that agreed or disagreed with me. He told me to ensure I show this to any treating physician to save my own life.

Dr Oon taught me to sign my advance medical directive as we both agreed it would be too painful to be hooked up to tubes. He saw how I suffered during those 3 months in Mt E. He encouraged me to buy the best medical insurance policy I could afford as well as critical illness policies. I did. Without doctor Oon I would have been clueless!

Dr Oon is a practical doctor and he was my mentor as I was his student.

We talked of drugs and efficacies of the humble vitamin C. In 1988 he told me the humble C would make a big impact on fighting diseases. He told me how he infused high doses of C to help dengue patients overcome.

We experimented on me whenever I was down with say Leukopenia or bronchitis. Vitamin C in 1-2gms helped me recover faster and quicker.

I was very sad when Doc Oon suffered a major stroke 10 years ago (I think) and it robbed him of mobility and speech.

I miss chatting with Doc Oon as whenever I was hospitalised, he would visit me in hospital before he ran clinics, lunch time and before he went home.

He is to me, an irreplaceable doctor, a great father of internal medicines and my mentor who taught me meds to save my own life or spot when a wrong medicine is prescribed.

I owe what I know today of my own allergies to Doc Oon and I am grateful.

I wish Doc Oon the best of health always and though he remains speechless, he remembers me as I remember him.

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