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A Love Affair With Tea – Delightful Cuppa

on November 24, 2013

Most teas hail from the hills of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India or China. Fragrant and chokeful of anti-oxidants (not to mention caffeine), it is my refreshing cuppa in mornings or in the day as afternoon tea brew.

My love affair with tea must have started in Hong Kong whenever I “yum cha” with colleagues over dim sum lunch.

Chinese teas packed a whallop in caffeine and I would lie starry eyed on ceiling boards if I drank it in evening dinners – eyes all agog as if wearing permanent open eye goggles 🙂

Oolong or Pu Erh teas are smoky in flavourings whilst Hainan’s infamous Ku ting Cha is bitter and yet refreshing. By now you must be wondering what on earth I am describing!

English teas for eg Earl Grey, English Breakfast or the simple Lipton or Boh tea makes me happy. In bags, sold in 25s, 50s or 100s, it makes a refreshing iced lemon tea brew during the summers in Oregon where I studied.

I did not realise my love affair to teas till people whom I sat and ate with often remarked that I should be getting my cuppa from Yakun or Toast Box! You see in our little red dot Singapore, we too have our equivalent Starbucks or Spinellis minus the jazz or free wifi and comfy sofa seats with a range of freezes or frappuccinos to boast. AHA! We have our own Kopi Peng or Teh Peng ( ice coffee or ice tea in Hokkien).

There is also our infamous Milo Dinosaur (our version of chocolate milk shake minus the cream) served thick on ice with generous dribbles of Milo!!

As for the likes of muffins or croissants, we have the kaya toast and two half boiled eggs to boast.

Kaya toast is thinly sliced liked wafer. Crunchy toasted with butter and coconut jam.

I am Asian and proudly Singaporean…but with a strange yearning for teas which people of my genre cannot fathom why! Let’s keeping them guessing 🙂

Potato ( pronounced Poh Tae Toe or Por Ta To) it is just a name serving different people of different walks of life!

Enjoy your brew!


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