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Performance Appraisal Time

on November 27, 2013

Zoicks! The year has flown and now it is time for the dreary task of doing performance appraisals. Just what the heck is “performance appraisal” and what does it entail? To a HR practitioner, it is a serious act of assessing staff performance as our Singaporean Work Culture is supposedly based heavily on meritocracy 🙂

But aaah, no one told you that there is a big difference in how employers see it and again, it depends on what sort of business size you are in. Yes, it is back to comparison between an MNC and SME time again!

Again, no disrespect to SMEs (one broom cannot sweep all in one sweeping and there may be gems out there I am sure) but they tend to be a bit more penny-pinching.

How so you ask? Well, for one, SMEs look at all sort of lines; top line, bottom line and any other line to save funds being moved from their pocket to the employee where possible. Remember now, an employee has to multi task harder in an SME than compared to an MNC as Job Descriptions (JDs) differ.

The JD for a person in an MNC is more defined with specific infrastructural support whereas for an SME, it is as we say colloquially, “One Leg Kicking” ie you get hired probably for one task but you end up doing more than just the task you may be hired for.

From a positive HR aspect, one can say, “ooh, this staff is hardworking and has potential to grow” – true I can agree if this was the case. Instead, it is often time said that, “hmm this person can do it, let us load up more duties for this person” since we paid such a “high”salary for this person!

Meritocracy then fades in SMEs as it is usually the case of “precious” versus “less precious” with “precious” being defined as people who are or may be relatives, or friends of friends of the “you scratch my back and I scratch yours syndrome” – hey you say, networking! I wish that was true 😦

The truth is, monies find it hard to end up in the pockets of employees of some SMEs (okay, one or two SMEs that I know of) as it means an opportunity cost foregone for the owner to divest the monies elsewhere or maybe pay cut to themselves 😉

In this instance, it is truly the case of who you know and not what you know. If you are “precious”, chances are even if you fail your performance appraisal, the “attitude or character fits” – zoicks!! Clap Clap there you go, we should shred the Performance Appraisal and just give it all to precious beings LOL 🙂

In MNCs, I am not saying they are better off. But chances are the owners are not the CEO per se (there is a board you see) and may be a hired hand. True, they will also have their own cronies within but hey, with the benchmark for a range say 5% – 8% on announced profits to be shared by divisions, this is still a formula to create a better performance appraisal process as there is a pot of the proverbial end of the rainbow of hope!

I am grappling with this Performance Appraisal time as I am a juggler, animated speaker, typist, manager, headship role, IT, administrator and short of being a chauffeur, it is hilarious. Will a maximum be announced for the expected number of bonus months in terms of monetary value? Of course not!

I have to pull a straight face – I have to be very serious in teaching employees how to complete and assess a performance appraisal exercise. But deep down inside of me, I know that I have to be a crying clown as precious could take it all whilst those who toil and bubble, would end up with crumbs.

As the old adage says, “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys…hey but just make sure you do not get gorillas ha ha :-)”

I hope you find the humor in this performance appraisal exercise that hits all employees at the end of the year and again in March or June as financial results are released then.

Good luck to you or yours for your own performance appraisal assessment!


One response to “Performance Appraisal Time

  1. thomasnwafor says:

    Just tell them all that they are cherished highly and give them a hug. Work rate will improve ten fold.

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