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Garfield Buddies Galore

on November 30, 2013


Whilst shopping at John Little’s last evening ( I should say….poking around the Marina Square Mall) I chanced upon my favorite cartoon character Garfields!

Nothing gets me all happy like a kid than when catching sight of Garfields…loads and loads of Garfields!


Pity I have no more space at home for them. Yup 425 Garfields has taken up a lot of floor space in my home. They are literally everywhere, with my favorite sharing my bed keeping me snuggly safe.


I reflect back on orphans or those living in poverty. They who have no food or little subsistence, much less toys! Toys are a luxury to these poor tots!

Garfield is blessed as he can bring much joy to a child or an adult. He is Jim Davis’ creation and will continue to surprise me either in comic strip or a great snuggly stuffed toy.

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