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The Rains Are Falling

on November 30, 2013

The monsoon season is definitely back and it is pouring cats and dogs now. As I watch the falling rain, one cannot help but ponder on life’s vicissitudes!

It reminded me of ducky weather in Eugene Oregon. I had to experience the rains as I dodged from building to building on campus to get to class. But those rains were fine drizzle with rarely buckets of rain coming down hard and fast as if the skies were on strict instructions to empty the clouds!

I reminisced on the days at Ferry Street, holed up revising on my notes for exams or mid terms. In those days, my life was uncomplicated. It was to school, course work, laundry, getting meals and TGIF at the mall, Safeway or Kings Table. Rarely would I go to Guidos for calzone as it was not cheap being on a foreign student budget.

In Singapore, the weather was either sunny, rainy or hot and hotter πŸ™‚

No seasons to shout about. No need to wear bulky jackets but we are a society of slippers and shorts. Yup, we are the most chillax crowd. We do not have airs…at least not for the crowd I am in.

Of course we do have dress codes and if necessary we would doll up or suit up as you would say.

The rains have produced lesser vegetable crops in Malaysia and prices have soared. Usual year end pricing. My sister in NZ was sharing with me that she buyscwhatever is in season. In a way living in Singapore and being Singaporean is a blessing in terms of proximity to cooked food, groceries and amenities including health care.

Most countries have a long wait to get scheduled for an MRI or CT scan. Here if it is medically required, there is always this service readily available. Ur healthcare workers do not sleep!

I remember in Eugene, we were lucky to have a hospital a block from where I lived. An ENT was 3 blocks away and it was in a quiet area. But if I had no insurance, it would have been a bummer effect.

The rains in Eugene usually came in Winter with the cold. Summers are Indian summers….hot but not too humid and if I stayed under the shade of an oak tree, I would feel cool and somewhat chilly. Maybe it is due to me not being accustomed to the sudden drop in temperatures and having lived in 32 – 33 degrees celsius island state for most of my life.

The rains bring back good memories of my university days in Eugene, Oregon. I do not scold the heavens for dampening my weekend as I know the importance of rainfall and the much needed water.

Give me cool wet weather anytime. I would vote for it anytime than hot, muggy and humid days.

Have a terrific weekend all πŸ™‚

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