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Is There A Utopian Marriage?

on February 2, 2014

Some people say marriages are made in hell! Others say marriages are made in heaven!


To me, I suppose marriage is a serious business as it is indeed a serious dollar for value issue.

When two persons become one, assets and liabilities are intertwined. Like any business model, once this blessed union fails, assets become an issue especially if it is an acrimonious separation.

I was once told by Bernard of this concept. He is indeed correct. I have read on how separating couples even fight for custody of their pet poodle till it becomes a court matter to be settled.

Although some people jest that what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine after marriage, this is somewhat true.

I imagine ( I say imagine because what do I know, I am single 😉 and I have had blokes from hell and they have become ex boyfriends ha ha) marriage has stages.

First it is the romantic love.

Yes, this is where, both are caught in the euphoria of courtship and are absolutely blind to any or all faults of either. I call this as excitement of marriage and it is the marriage made in heaven stage! The cockerel struts and the hen parades! The chase is absolutely contagious.

Then comes reality check. The woman starts to realize that the man is such a pig sty or vice versa ( equal opportunity here and truth be told, I have had ex boyfriends who actually do keep house). To add sugar and spice, if there is a bawling child then, this adds to the burden.

Women then tend to realize that they are slaves to the family. Cooking and cleaning is added to their lifestyle after work. There is no romance and the relationship just kinda sinks into a plateau.

Add cash woes or a financial strain of school fees, needs of the family and mortgages, this then becomes a marriage made in hell when either decides to stray.

I have not found a utopian partner for me to be shackled to. Yes, shackled! I believe the right companion must meet me in mind and outlook of things. I then have a partner who can keep up to speed on ideas and think fast. If I meet a guy and he is boring and truly mundane, it would be hard to engage this brain.

I like excitement and new thoughts. I love to be wooed and can say the darnedest things that make men realize how funny I look at things. But they lose my vote when I find them refusing to change once I have given them a solution they can agree on.

It is hard to find a soul mate, much less one that both can mutually live alongside with.

Marriage is tough and it is a business that requires heavy investments and trust in your business partner. When this business of marriage fails, then it is only good and effective to end it once minds are made up.

Marriage that is dragged on for the dumbest reason like what about the kids is a farce.

These days kids will remember either parent who gives the best IT gadget or playstation or latest communications device. I tend to believe children are a lot smarter and resilient than one thinks.

Marriage is best removed if you truly love the other person to let go and both can the find a new meaning to life thereafter instead of being shackled in a falsehood of a glamorous title of husband and wife.

As you can tell….Religious people would be upset if I said this as marriage is sacrosanct the Catholics would scream! I say, wake up and smell the coffee. Why flog a dead horse? Move on and find new life.

Hmm….I am definitely cursed into the deeper bowels of hell with a one way ticket, without a return leg 😉


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