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Dr Billy Tan, Opthalmic Surgeon

on February 26, 2014

I was introduced to Dr Billy Tan by Dr Lui Hock Foong. Yes, by now you will realise that Dr Lui is like my favorite diligent and mindful doctor who looks after my medical needs.

I remember having an eye infection as a result of dry gritty eyes and was in need of a good ophthalmic surgeon.

When I first met Dr Billy Tan, he looked anything but a surgeon. Tanned and having a huge display of model cars in his doctor’s surgery room, he looked more like a plumber! Ha ha! Sleeves rolled up and in khakis, he was not at all pushy or Lordy like a surgeon. He was down to earth, kind and personalized each patient’s presence by personally calling out to each patient.

When my boss recently had severe eye discomfort, I did not hesitate to send him to see Dr Billy Tan! Ha ha my boss came back to me singing his praises and saying that Dr Billy Tan looked like a marine construction worker. This is hilarious. Maybe it is because he is not wearing stuffy clothes but looked like a bohemian to me. It suited me fine.

Recently I had a dried tear drop that became a hard cyst. He used a dermic needle to literally “hack” it off with no dramas before or after.

I would recommend Dr Billy Tan in a heartbeat as he knows how to interact with young and old, putting patients at great ease.

I sent Hwa Jie to see Dr Billy Tan too as she suffered the same fate as my ex boyfriend, seeking medical eye surgery at Paragon, not at a hospital.

Being old-fashioned or in Singlish, super kiasu, I only see doctors at hospitals and would only allow procedures in proper operating theaters and not make shift clinics turned mini theaters.

Call me spoilt but I am risk averse and wonder in emergencies, how do these small make shift theaters cope?! Hwa Jie told me the silly lady eye surgeon made her sit up after cataract surgery. There was no bed to lie down but just plain chairs!

I remember when my dad had his eye cataract done at Singapore National Eye Center, there was a bed provided as procedure was done as day surgery, followed by a meal as he waited for the a anesthetic to wear off.

It is important to have your care giver valuing your vision and not proposing silly procedures for the sake of dollars.

So if you are in need of a genuine felt good ophthalmic surgeon do check out Dr Billy Tan located at Gleneagles Medical Center!

4 responses to “Dr Billy Tan, Opthalmic Surgeon

  1. Plumber and marine construction worker, eh? Loved this! Now picturing all the tools in the surgery – Are those meant for unplugging sewer drains?

    Loved your vivid description of events.

  2. calmkate says:

    Wow you do have some health issues, but you have the resilience and outlook that will get you through!
    Years ago I worked for the Blind Society and one Opthalmic surgeon looked like a gorgeous movie star – so hunky I had difficulty hearing what he said as I was overwhelmed by his face/physique.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Yes, I have been on a perennial roller coaster ride. This year has been non eventful and I am glad. Thank you for reading and understanding. Dr Billy Tan is a cool dude 😀

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