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Living In Oblivion Is Bliss

on February 26, 2014

The more I know, the more I worry. The lesser I know, the less burdened I am, and so, the happier I am.

I often pondered on the saying that oblivion is bliss! This is true as I tend to fret on things. I get uncomfortable on learning information that can adversely impact anyone. If is within my means to control and manage the situation, I will do my utmost to fix it.

If it was positive, then no issues – no biggie!

I recently offered a friend a ride in my car. My friend liked my car and teased me about disappearing with my car. I told this friend matter of a factly that a car is but a car. Material things like this cannot be taken with me to my grave. Like facts that stick out like a sore thumb, we come into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing!

I have always dramatized leaving with a smile on my face. Why? I hate good byes. I like a good death. A swift exit without regrets.

Hence my belief that oblivion is bliss. Thoughts can cloud minds. Thoughts can create dramas that were not right to begin with sometimes and this can rob happiness or a chance of any friendships or companionship.

Of course the other party must not take me for a fool of an idiot. I may be crazy but as am not stupid. I may be naive but I am not brainless.

Yes, I have one “hobby” and that is shopping for cars. I wonder how I have managed to walk into car showrooms each time and part with cash to pay for a car regardless of the exorbitant cost of the certificate of entitlement (COE). Come to think of it, I did not bat an eyelid when knowing my last COE was $70,000! OMG right!

But if you have been with me in that horrid AYE accident, you will know the fear of driving a small car and being sandwiched like an accordion.

Defensive driving or otherwise, drivers in Singapore are less giving and tend to speed up knowing you are trying to filter or need a fellow driver to give way.

Having driven in Australia, drivers are a lot more patient there and observant of speed zones. Perhaps here lesser policing or enforcers on the road to put drivers to drive within speed limits, give way or stop tail gating!

I have been in two major road accidents and I do not think I can be lucky a third time….heavens forbid. So I drive following no one nor let anyone follow. I keep several car lengths away and allow braking distance all times 😉

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