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Wearing The Spectacles Of Life

on February 26, 2014

Having 20/20 vision for all my life thus far makes me feel blessed as myopia is rampant in Singapore. Practically everyone I know or meet, wear spectacles or contacts to correct vision.

I have one fantastic good eye and one weaker eye for distance and the same for reading. Hence mono vision that compensates distance and reading. However, my ophthalmic surgeon prefers I wear corrective eye wear so that I do not weaken the eyes for their respective functions!

Sigh…but it is hard peering through those goggly eye wear and adjusting it to suit driving is a challenge to me. But given the last two back to back major surgeries in six months, my eyes have gone to the dogs literally ;-(

I now can hardly see the facial characteristics of people some distance away. I started realizing this when I asked my colleague who was the chap waving frantically to me at a distance.

I did not return the salutation much to the dismay of my friend and he wondered what got into me to ignore him. I had to apologize profusely after ha ha! I am not cold nor aloof I explained!

I also find self feeling very uncomfortable in the eye following the rows of goods on display at Cold Storage shelves at Great World City! It becomes a dreary challenge for me to suss out groceries or household items I need.

I am trying hard to adjust to wearing the spectacles of life! Yup, I have been wearing them at home and slowly trying to wear them when I drive.

But sometimes, I prefer not to see what is ahead. This is especially so if I saw someone I did not wish to exchange pleasantries with. Yes, the bothersome ex boyfriend or a fiend that I dread.

They say the eyes are windows to the souls. I do not know what this means as for 21 years I looked through the eyes of my ex boyfriend but could not be convinced that he was as kind and or sincere as he claimed. He still maintains his care and love to me but I flushed his words down the toilet 😉

Like a lie detector, I find that wily ones can cover their innermost thoughts or camouflage their souls from peering eyes, just as they can control their blood pressure to beat the lie detector test.

My father loves to quote his MD Anthoniz who quipped that, “the worst thing anyone can do to themselves is to cheat selves.” My ex boyfriend did that when I gave my anti opinion on laser surgery given his age and explained that macular degeneration was real.

He threw my advice to the wind and lied to say he was wearing contact lens! He cheated self and to date he is suffering from floaters and halos in night vision as shortly thereafter he had eye infection and was told of cataracts. Being “rich” when it is for self needs ( HA! He always claims he is broke when he is with me!), he sought the ophthalmic surgeon of TV stars in Camden. I was not convinced of the facilities and true enough he pays heavily for it now – folly by his own doing! Today he still wears spectacles despite paying a bomb for LASIK! Serves him right really!

I have talked to many surgeons and many of them continue to wear spectacles as their livelihood depends on eyes to see, so as to perform the required surgery. Many refused LASIK. Even ophthalmic surgeons diligently wear spectacles! Does that not tell you what we should not do?

Well, I shall grow old reluctantly but gracefully 🙂

It is hard to grow old gracefully as I have so much zest and vigor in my brains. But with recent surgery to my spine, I cannot even carry own groceries or be fully able to do what I will much as I want to.

But hey we should stop complaining as we still have vision. There are people who are visually challenged and have to rely on a walking white cane or guide dogs to move about!

Be blessed for the spectacles of life! It is better than being visually blind!

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