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Why The Need To Pay Forward

on February 26, 2014

Having had many trials and tribulations over my life span thus far, I see the need to pay forward. For every one experience I have encountered, there must be others.

Alvin shared and asked me to fight hard for mobility! Having gone through my neck and spine surgeries with a span of 6 months, I knew the risks involved for each medical decision I undertake to operate. Live or die? Recover of incapacity? The choices are limited. Given that Alvin works with physically challenged individuals, I knew where he was coming from.

I vividly remember Alvin coming by my hospital bed to speak to me before surgery to ensure that I knew the odds stacked against me. I do not forget this kind deed of his.

I further remember Braema asking me of post operative care. By her asking, I knew she cared though I only knew her from past life (working laugh 😉 ha ha) as a colleague and we now volunteer together!

Last evening in chatting (face to face and electronic) with 3 great doctors, I was bemused. Why? The doctor that took care of me for the last 24 years was clearly challenged by my medical condition. There is little he can do for me and his advice was for me to work closely with my surgeons for post operative management care. This was their duty he explained.

The doctors who did my surgeries were cautious; one was as always gung-how whilst the other is more moderate in his views. The gung-ho doctor always gave me hope, conveying message to me that I will get better.

The doctor with a moderate view would suggest I take something to alleviate the pain and discomfort yet quietly assuring me that any NSAID taken will not impede bone union.

Being impatient to get well does not bode well with me as by nature, I am impatient and want to do things chop chop style! I want to go fishing, hike up buttes, travel to USA or go Australia to pick strawberries and make jams. I have blackberries to pick in Oregon!

Paying forward to me is to remember pain and suffering of others. If I feel the person is not accepting a condition prescribed by a doctor and I know of it, I will speak to the person to drive sense such that this person is not clueless. Yes, medical terms and terminology can be baffling to a lay person.

If I see someone exhibiting symptoms I have experienced, I will talk that person into seeing a good doctor by recommending a suitable doctor on grounds of my caveat being “synergies between patient and doctor is dependent on both interacting and is independent of my recommendation. As a patient, one has every right to walk away from any doctor he or she feels uncomfortable with!”

Paying forward is also understanding the medicines prescribed and if I see someone taking a drug without good results, I would advise the person to go back and speak to the doctor and share the results. This is especially true for older folks or folks with less literacy and fearful of disobeying doctor’s orders. What this older folk may not know is that they may be less tolerant of the prescribed drug and was seemingly doing more harm than good in effecting a cure!

Offering cash donation is the last on my totem pole of paying forward. Too many scams and the funds not reaching the ground is my observation. If I choose to donate anything, I will ensure I personally buy the items and have it delivered for consumption. Or I do my due diligence to ensure the cause is genuine and how the donated sums will be used.

There are multitudinous ways to pay forward. There is no single right way as it depends on the personal preference of the donor and the cause they hold near or dear to their heart. My motto is simple – if I have cash, I give cash. If I do not have cash, I give time and make effort to serve committees in an honorary capacity to give back goth society, based on a cause I can support wholeheartedly!

I pay forward as without the grace and help of others, I will not be as matured, knowing of suffering, hurt or pain and most importantly a character that is focused and determined. Now that is key to any object you desire to overcome! 🙂

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