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Nuts & Bolts Gives A Stiff Back

on February 27, 2014

Today I had two meetings with my surgeons. I had roped them in to help me serve the country’s needy elders.

As I handed over my interim X-rays for their review, I was relieved that on second look, Tonto said that the two cage implants and screws in me have not shifted. Initially, he thought it had. But when Dr James reviewed it with Tonto, both mutually agreed that my spine was still screwed together well! Phew!

But….ah there is always the proverbial BUT….why did my back hurt so much to sit and sleep?

I gave a description to both my surgeons…hey, my neck is tightened with implants and screws plus titanium rods. Now my back or I call, my tail is also stacked with two cages XLIF, with screws, rods and titanium. PLUS the two geniuses corrected my crooked spine or what I was born with. This means that the old way of walking cannot be!! Ugh!! I flustered away at them….good grief, you could tell me right?

No wonder my back ached and my feet did not behave as I seemed to veer right! But the fact is, both of them had the heart to straighten my spine. The intent was good. Sigh…I must relearn how to walk.

It is physically challenging for me at this stage as it is month two post surgery and I have to adjust neck, shoulder and spine plus walk baby steps to get going!

No wonder I wrestled with my bed nightly till I now have some resolve to get forty winks and I now have to rise to the occasion by learning how to walk again in new method to suit the newly aligned spine 😉

I hope my two great surgeons have no more new surprises for me. I really want a pain free lifestyle and go back to fishing, jigging for squids 🙂 now that is the moment I am hoping and looking forward to! Clap! Clap!

But those two would not dignify my questions with any answers and so right now I am looking at an abyss wondering when can I climb mountains, play golf or sit on my favorite jetty and fish! Wishful thinking…..

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