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Easter Is Around The Corner

on March 29, 2014
    I am always reminded of Easter when I see Cadbury chocolate creme eggs start to appear on the shelves of our supermarket chain, Cold Storage.

    Yup, I see hollow chocolate bunnies, creme filled chocolate eggs or caramel filled chocolate eggs!

    All super high in calories but delightfully sweet and fun to eat 😉

    I remember how the traditional Easter egg hunt is done and kids would shriek or scream when they find one. I was never one that was good in art and so, I never participated in painting emptied out egg shells!

    I racked my brains and figured that the egg symbolizes rebirth just like Christ rose on the third day. Tongue in cheek I was told that perhaps Christ did not die on the cross but that he probably swooned from the wounds and when he woke up, he rolled away the stone where he was entombed!

    Worth a shot right as would crucifixion have killed him?

    No coroner’s inquest and so, I guess we will never know 😉

    Still it is because of Christ we get to have Easter and with it, Easter Eggs!

    Happy Easter Egg hunting folks!

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