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Numerology & What It Means Perhaps?

on March 29, 2014

I met Bryan last evening and I found out that he is interested in numerology. This is summing of numbers from your date of birth.

I learnt several interesting numbers and what it means or stands for.

The number 8 reasonates with gold and gold is wealth. Aha! Eureka! That is why Asians are so stuck on numeral 8! I though it was due to the sound it makes in Chinese as “fa” 发!

I learnt of terminologies such as introvert numbers and sub conscious numbers. One’s lucky number is also identified and partners you choose to start a life with will also be identified 😉

It seems numbers describe one’s character, attitude and mindset.

Numbers also tell if one will have more than one partner at any one time or if one is a spendthrift or a saver.

Interesting concept I thought! Yes, I use the description of interesting as anything believed superstitiously can cause more harm than good, in terms of being alert to your future, life or how to manage one’s life.

Moderation always. Select the good, rationalize and if it helps, adapt for use I guess 🙂

So long as anything helps, I am game to learn, hear or even count starfish (just kidding here as there is no such thing) just to better my life 🙂


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