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Ciprobay or Cravits For Prophylaxis

on March 30, 2014

Different surgeons have different schools of thoughts when it comes to using antibiotics for prophylaxis following surgical implants in spine.

According to my dental surgeon, there is the British teaching and the American medical teaching. So it really depends on which school of teaching one’s surgeon came out of.

This was quite true as surgeon A opined the need for it and said that I was to use Ciprobay. Surgeon B said it was not necessary and even referred me to medical studies showing that for spinal implants, this was really not necessary. Hmm since two surgeons are at an impasse and my dental surgeon said that it was really up to the surgeon who treated me.

It is commonly required for heart implants to be treated to antibiotics and my friend shared that her dentist uncle usually would prescribe up to 12 tablets of Amoxycillin to pretreat any dental work which can impact blood circulation which could give rise to gram A positive bacteria.

I decided to check with my trusty physician for his school of thought. Hailing from UK he said it was not really medically required but given my “world of medical symptoms” it was probably safer to take. He said that Cravits was better as it had a broader spectrum of bugs to treat.

Further, physician said it was better to take 1 dose of 500 mg an hour before and another single dose of 500 mg the next day. My dental surgeon agreed and emphasized for me to take it the same time of the dose I took prior to prophylaxis. He further asked me to check with the surgeon as to if I would require another similar dosage when I next see him in four months time.

A cheeky surgeon told me if I wanted peace of mind, take the antibiotics and take the “best” since it is to allay the mind. I can agree to this logic as given that I am told and if I disagree with surgeon’s advice and if anything happens to me, doctor can waive liability, claiming patient was advised, but patient went against doctor’s advice.

Humbly, I took my medicines as I did not need complications if any. I want an uneventful prophylaxis treatment. 🙂


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