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Dreaming Big Dreams

on March 30, 2014

One often dream of big dreams in life. Others are placid in life, accepting the now and the current, not overly ambitious or literally living day to day.

Those that are ambitious and are big dreamers often get on in life, living out their life’s goals. Some creative characters that we live amongst are iconic Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or in Asia it would be the likes of Sim Wong Hoo or Li Ka Shing or Run Run Shaw.

Dreamers are exceptional beings! Eccentric and very skewed in their way of thinking that best fits their attitude, lifestyle and outlook in life. Though it is the geeky (no offense here to stereotype IT tekkies as “geeks” or “nerds” but it is this quintessential trait that drove them to being icons of the world! There can truly only be one Steve Jobs or one Bill Gates that drove a brand to the lips of everyone!

But not all dreamers succeed as I believe in the element of luck, timing and the ability to rationalize efforts banded with capabilities.

If one is a dreamer but lacks the ability to fund or creatively link investors who have similar beliefs in their mindset, this leads them to a blind wall and being a dreamer then becomes adverse traits to have.

Lady Luck plays a hand to marry the dreamer with the right people to help the dreamer engineer a plan to fruition. Greed or infighting will not help and if synergies between partners are not strong or understanding of the other.

Alas, I am no dreamer! I am a practical being, always mindful of the economics of things. I think too much and calculate too much. Most times, being overly cautious can set me back as dreamers can afford to gamble and usually fuel their creative energies without giving it a second thought.

I am destined to be a careful plodder, singularly accepting my life and that I will not be amongst he rank of dreamers who may be the next big technopreneur or entrepreneur or as in today’s climate of business, a newly coined social entrepreneur.

To me doing social voluntary work is giving of time and cash. I seek out donors and it ends there. Social entrepreneurs create businesses out of it. As to if profit is gained I believed so, else wherein lies Adam Smith’s invisible hand managing supply and demand, reminding us that there can be no free lunch! Is altruism then dead? Or is altruism now seen in bigger eyes to merit a larger base through a social entrepreneurial setting?


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