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Ecosystem Jolted

on March 30, 2014

I always love reading the Sunday Times as it gives me a Lifestyle section, touching on food, leisure, travel and topics of interest in the ecosystem.

It seems that when the contractors imported in trees for the Gardens By The Bay project from the different parts of the world like Brazil and Africa, it brought in the different species of slugs that were not indigenous to our land. Giant African snails? I have no visualization of how big these snails were when compared to our humble garden snail with it conical brown and white striped shell! I imagined GIANT ones and it sent a shudder to my spine as I remembered Hollywood’s spiel of “anacondas”, “arachnophobia” etc! Critters at its largest! Scary?

I also read of the arrowana fish that can grow to giant sizes and can horrendously live up to 150 years in the Née Soon River living off precious rare crustaceans for fish species with its razor sharp teeth! I remember seeing one bred by a lawyer and he had it on display in a fish tank in his foyer of his law firm practice. First impression I had was that it looked ugly, like a monster that could be used in a horror flick! Chilling too as I could see its sharp razor teeth from its jaw. This fish was fed tiny frogs and I once saw how a bag of tiny frogs were put into the tank and before their legs could swim a little, they were pounced on and gobbled! Nature in a dog eat dog world or should I say fish eat fish world


I have been intending to sight see Singapore and couple of the protected areas like Sungei Buloh, Chek Jawa and even Pulau Ubin have never been seen by me.

Yes, I am not a tourist in my own land and yet I travel the world to see others!

I have always felt that I am in my own backyard, anytime I can see it. Perhaps I will never get to see it as life is fragile and right now in my current sheltered state of mobility, I cannot be trekking out to see these natural habitats of sorts!

When I am better, I suppose I will and hopefully before these sites are really extinct!

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