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Friendships Made, Lost Or Found

on March 30, 2014

It is often said that “no man is an island” – women don’t roar just yet as man is generically used 😉 but truly, no person is an island unless one is in a reclusive state or adopting vespers in solitude!

I have been disappointed with friendships in the last 2 decades. Largely because my medical condition was a challenge and soon I found out what or who my friends truly were!

I suppose I cannot blame them as I thought they were good friends as I saw them over meals or gatherings practically weekly. We shopped, we joked and we cried. But when I was in and out of hospital so often, they dropped off my radar. I was desponded as I needed them most then and they chose to abandon me. I hurt and wondered why they became fair weather friends.

But surprisingly, doctors and nurses became my friends. I made good friendships with my doctors and truth be told, one can be a patient and a friend as there is no conflict.

In fact, my doctors made better doctors when we became friends. Their care and dedication was there all the time, whenever or whatever and they generally waive their fees except for tests or medicines. I benefitted and they benefitted as we exchange contacts and we kept each other laughing and enjoying life on a new plane 🙂

I may have lost as many as 6 seemingly good friends in the last 2 decades, each spanning as long. I am apprehensive of dedicating time and investing in new friendships but the people I have made new friendships with do not seem to demand much from me other than to give me their dedicated care and concern.

Still, I will try to be as genuine a friend as I can be and see if the test of time will see us through.

People come, people go. The really good friends will stick by you regardless and for that, I am grateful for two people whom I have known since 18 years of age. We may not interface daily but we know when to be there for each other.

It is not about who does more or give more, but it is about being a friend and a sincere one at it!

A wise law lecturer once told me that if on my deathbed and I use up all 10 digits on my hands to name true friends, then I can rest assured that I am lucky to have that many good friends in life! She is right. When I went for my marathon 10 hrs and 45 mins surgical procedure, I counted how many real true friends I had. Sadly I could only count to 4 persons!

These 4 persons stood by me through thick or thin and I am grateful for their friendship.


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