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Airy Fairy Does Not Tantamount To Good Biz Sense Or Does It?

I love talking with airy fairy characters as their words fly in all directions, never in the right directions. It is as if a pilot of an air craft has a flight plan that does not make sense and he can never take off from the runway.

Besides watching their hilarious gesticulations as they try to convince me of their ridiculous ideas, I find it downright entertaining!

Sometimes if I take airy fairy people’s words into consideration and tweak it, I liken it to raw diamonds beings mined and polished. I recently tried and tested such “way out of this world hare-brained ideas” and moulded it to shape and fit into the round peg hole! It became a sound business plan.

Ideas are plentiful and dreamers dream big. But the moot point of my blog today is, you will need a structured, methodical business mind to make it into a sensible business model else, the hare-brained ideas are merely just that!

Eccentric fools or dreamers are valuable sources of ideas and information. I listen. I ponder and I extrapolate. From these, we obtain gems.

These are how great leaders are born and made. There is a skill in all this. We need elements of bravado in think thoughts, taking it to the far ends of the world and reining it back to crystallize a concept and develop an idea.

If Frankenstein was not born in days of yore, wherein are cyborgs, robots or robocop or iron man derived in thoughts to create mega movies and films or helping medical science.

Dreams are good. Dream big dreams but more importantly, be able to grasp dreams and make it a reality. This is where the value sets in.b

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Biblical Sermons After Barracuda’s Concerto In D Minor

In an hour, I meet Dr James for consult. Barracuda Ally said that she faxed my physiotherapy report to Dr James. I betcha I would be getting biblical sermons from Dr James as Baraccuda Ally’s report was anything but glowing in accolades!

I am not her model patient I admit! I do not just try to do things, I tend to overdo! Yup that is me. My mind is super strong, as if high on motivation, always believing that in the proverbial “mind over matter” philosophy.

I know my body is ravaged and broken, with the threat of more surgeries. But if I sat and moped about it, where does it get me. I, am afraid, a poor moderate. I am an extremist. It is either I do or do not do. If I do, I go to the extreme to test my limits.

My mind is wired in a strange way. I must strive to achieve always. I refuse to succumb to frailties of life and this was echoed by Dr James previously and he is not wrong. 😉

I think, therefore I am. I do not give up. I am a survivor (even my ex boyfriend knows that) and will never say die.

Am I weary? Yes of course I am! But where does weariness leave me? Not very far.

So I am destined to be listening to more of Barracuda Ally’s Concerto followed by biblical sermons from Dr James as I am a recalcitrant non toeing medical party lines sort of patient that tests the very patience of my medical care providers!

Vive la….ME! Only the supreme confident fool of a surgeon can tolerate my nonsense! Thankfully, with Tonto, Dr James and Barracuda Ally, I shall behave……maybe a little 😉

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My Sterile Bubble World

My ex boyfriend used to mock me for living a ‘sterile’ life which according to him is living in an enclosed & sheltered antiseptic world.

I had no choice as I am a germ magnet. Germs that get attracted to me will magnify and make me very ill very quickly. Why should I risk it?

I carry anti bacterial wipes with me, almost like an addict. I use such wipes lavishly, cleaning table tops I eat off, wiping hands, holding lift buttons with it etc. I was a living replica of the series Monk, an extremely talented police consultant but suffers from obsessive compulsive behavior.

I may be weird but I ain’t no Adrian Monk. Weird hang ups maybe but no obsessive compulsive behaviors other than being in love with my furry squooshy inanimate Garfield toy. My security blanket!!

A bit dramatic? You bet! I got lesser episodes of germ war fares. Fair trade-off for living in a sterile bubble.

My ex boyfriend wanted me to eat at hawker centers but I refused. We ate only in restaurants.

Tough on his pocket but hey, I have been doing this since a toddler as my mum would not want to invite trouble or I ate home cooked meals. I rather stay home as it was my safest environment. If he felt the pinch then do not ask me out is my simple philosophy 😉

To be fair to my ex boyfriend, he gave up trying to get me to experience new things after he tried repeatedly and getting me sick. I ended up in hospitals most time as a patient for a week each.

Perhaps love and patience has its limitations. There is a price for being with a sick duckling all the time. So he voted with his feet 😉 and I voted with my brain!

If I do not need to shop why do I need to go shopping. If I do need to shop, I am first customer, going in as the doors to the malls open and finish before others come.

This way my doctors and I stay away from each other unless I break my golden rule and decide to live life a little dangerously, amongst the crowds of people!

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More Of Tonto’s Humor In Alphabets

My trusty muse, Tonto, gave me a laugh a minute to cheer this sorry ass whose blood count has been dipping like Hang Seng index! Black Friday or otherwise, now it seems my Red Blood Count is also joining in the slide! Yup, my platelets are having a field excursion week!

As a busy surgeon, I know Tonto barely has time but yet he never fails to cheer me up. I told him I was off to see Dr James tomorrow and that I would say,”some of the truth but not the whole truth so help me Garfield!”

Yes, I could not tell Dr James too much about my plunging while blood count and now with red blood count jumping into the Hang Seng or Dow Jones Index slide, he may have a panicksvilles attack and I cannot bear to bring him more stress!

Back came Tonto’s reply on Whats app (I love what’s app….yeah! Best invention ever), which said, “may the lasagna be with you!” 🙂

He indulges in my love for Garfield, Jim Davis’ wondrous creation of my soft furry inanimate friend! Sigh…I am a child at heart and as my surgeon, he understands! Cool right?!

Tonto shared with me that restructured hospitals were marketing overseas.

I frowned as I knew there was a bed crunch so such an action would really clog up our already severely lack of beds at hospitals!

He said on Whats App, ” Alphabet A comes before C and E comes before A” which simply means, Class A single beds are always first to get beds as they do not need to queue for private ward class. C class or subsidized patients would have to queue as there is a long list of patients waiting for admission. E stands for emergency and will always come first!

Well put in simple understanding to me….I wish hospital beds were readily available in restructured hospitals! The sick must always come first regardless of class of ward!

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My White Blood Cells Have Gone On Vacation

Sigh….it seems my white blood cells have gone on vacation. They did not get prior approval and decided to up and go. Like Dow Index or Hang Seng, it is continuing to plummet like there is no bottoming out! Egad! Horrid mayhem it is causing me.

Meanwhile I am breaking out into a rash. As if nipped by sand flies, I am suddenly a chimpanzee, scratching as if I have nits infestation!

Off I was ordered by Dr Lui to report back to his clinic and countess Dracula would attend to me.

My favorite phlebotomist Siti appeared and gave me her sweetest smile and told me that she needed only 1 vial today! Deftly she found my vein although her caveat was that she may miss the vein as I have funny veins that do not cooperate! 😉

Yes, the Dow Index fell or because I am Singaporean, SGX fell!

I hope my white cell buggers pluck up their strength. I wonder which silly virus it is? Parvovirus B 19 or EBV or I will never know as there are millions of viruses out there!

My life is so exciting for wrong reasons.

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My Norman Bates Experience In Perth’s Walpole

Australia is my favorite fishing spot. Over the last 5 years, year on year I spent 4 weeks at a time in Perth, Adelaide (Kangaroo Island) or Tweedheads. All except for last 2 years as my spine and neck degenerated ;-(

My parents, brother and I would fly into Perth and drive south to Albany and back.

We would fish at Perth where we stayed at Quest or at Margaret River’s Knights Inn or at Walpole in self-contained units. These were nice places to stay in. Yes, I am one who loves creature comforts with heating as we usually travel in winter.

I remember once when I went with my brother and we could not find lodging at our favorite place of lodging at Walpole and night fell. We found a so-called ‘Eco’ type housing that screamed Norman Bates Motel. Hobson’s choice we relented and decided to stay here.

The stone staircase we climbed to reach the main house was exactly out of Norman Bates entrance! Scary!

On entering the unit, my jaw fell! It was truly spartan and the living area at a belly pot stove for heating. The toilet and shower stalls were outside the unit and the window in the shower and toilet stalls were ‘nailed’ open. I felt like those Russians or Chinese people taking dips in frozen ice, cut into a hole for people to dip into. It was medicinal treatment. Ha! I comforted self, this was medicinal and therapeutic as I shower in the freezing cold!

Beggars were no choosers as no room at the inn! I felt how Mary & Joseph must have felt staying in the manger where the sheep, cows or goats were and Jesus was born.

We were told to go to the shed and get wood, using the axe. The receptionist or lady manning the counter reminded us to look out for poisonous snakes. This was indeed welcoming 😉

Being urbanites, we panicked and immediately went to the shed and lugged as much wood for the night as it was really cold and the windows were nailed open for ‘ventilation” but it was freezing my buns! Every window was ‘nailed’ open…crazy!! Snakes could slither in right?!

As for trying to cook anything, two hot plates which could not be used concurrently else it trips the power source. There goes any thoughts of a hot meal sadly….

Beds were horrid and mattress was barely a mattress but a sponge!

We spent the night feeding the belly stove as it was our only source of heat as blankets were not enough to keep us snug.

Sleep deprived we could not wait to get out at day break.

Eco or otherwise, give me Quest or Hilary’s anytime! 🙂

We are truly urbanites.

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Labor Day – Ways To Be A Better Employer

Labor Day in my little red dot is celebrated differently in companies from different sectors.

In government linked agencies, this is a terribly big deal as family outings are arranged by unionists and literally, the day is spent having fun, in an outing with family. Goodie bags are given, participants would wear a theme t-shirt and all would have work furthest from their minds.

In SMEs, employees would rejoice as yay! Another public holiday and we need not drag selves out if bed that day 🙂

On and all, Labor Day celebrates laborers or in today’s HR Lingua Franca, employees. It is a day honoring employees for their hard work and doing something special for them.

I am an employee and I am happy….I get a day off! I just want to vegetate with my stuffed Garfield toy on the couch and spend time on my blog or watching my goggle box.

If only Friday could be added as an extra off day….how lovely as it will be a long weekend for employees 😉

Dream on……

Happy Labor Day,
Toil not they say,
Do what you may,
Making it a bright May Day!!

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When A Project Kicks Off….Nail Biting Experience

This has been a challenging week for me as my white blood cell count dived down like Black Friday of the Dow Jones Index! I could hear the cells screaming, sell! Sell! Selllll!

My poor hamster brain was playing bongo drums like as if it had joined the African tribes doing a war chant.

I felt I was in the Artic and then I was in the Sahara. My carcass of a body was playing hot and cold on me. Sigh….I am still, thankfully alive 😉

Tomorrow I have to visit Count Dracula for a blood sucking experience by the phlebotomist and I would probably find out if my white cells have soldiered on and if the Dow Index has risen perhaps 😉

Meanwhile, I am putting together a project with two fellas, both happily married but brainy enough to meet and discuss this project. I emphasized happily married as there is no witch yay!! I cannot stand it when a man’s woman is a weird old bat that does a 5 minute check on her man. I will swiftly say to her if I met, please go get an anklet monitor. Prison wardens found it most effective to track their charges LOL!

These two fellas are absolutely chalk and cheese. One is so animated and the other is block wood. Together they meet the world’s biggest bitch or world’s best friend! Yup, we are strange partners in this project but we really fit synergistically!

As the methodical one, we need an upstart idea generator. Fella 1 fits perfectly. Fella 2 is block wood but he sells ice to Eskimos literally. Together, we are a team and may Gods help us in our hair brained ideas 😉

We are in between nail-biting now, waiting for election results….as we chew our finger nails, holding our breath till we know if our hair brained scheme is helpful to a group of deserving individuals.

As for me, the virus had better evacuate from me….lest it gets destroyed by Dr Lui….bloodshed and karate chops! Hai….yakk! 🙂

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Drama Queen

Whenever I am in Australia or the Land Down Under as Aussies claim, my friends would always use the slang, ‘no dramas’ to mean no worries which is widely used in USA and adopted worldwide.

In Singapore, our typical Singlish utters, ‘drama mama’ and who else better than Drag Queen and comedian Kumar to epitomize this!

I love watching Kumar live and in person especially at events he hosts. He leaves me rolling on the floor in stitches and tears rolling down my cheeks as he can poke fun at just about anything without offending. His gestures and body language are a hilarious scream!

This fine balance of using the dramatic he has adopted amuses and entertains his audiences. Perhaps because he is Indian and his agility at bodily movements just like Bollywood stars can make him move his head and body to juxtapose funnily contributes to the laughing experience.

He used to perform at Boom Boom Room and at Three Monkeys Bar. But I never had time to catch his performances there. When I have time, I would watch him on YouTube.

I recently caught him on TV’s Kumar ‘goes back to school’ where he was attached to Pest Busters. He was hilarious as he shrieked when cockroaches came out of manhole once uncovered. He is the perfect drama mama – mama is an Indian word for ‘uncle’

We are all drama queens in a way…some more dramatic than others. All in all, humor abounds.

Yes as Singaporean, I am proud of artistes like Kumar, Dick Lee, Matthew of Matthew & The Mandarins back then and of course Anita Sarawak. Old timers but without them, what little we had in entertainment would be bare and bankrupted in terms of artistic talent in the musical scene 😉


Frost Bitten Veggies In Sunny Singapore

You must be wondering what in my cotton feline picking brain am I talking about!

Singapore is in the tropics, with only hot sunny days, hotter sunnier days or wet and rainy days in moderate to thundery showers. You are right. We have no seasons. But wait let me finish my story, the frost-bitten vegetables were in my refrigerator 😉

I am an IT idiot really. The darn new fridge contraption of a thermostat dial is one where it is digital with lights for levels of coldness and lights for alternating compartments of freezer and bottom compartments.

The instructions in the operating manual were as clear as mud!

I had depressed the button for it to be at its lowest and sadly the veggies got frost-bitten. The head of cabbage I bought had frozen over 😉

It was nostalgic, as it reminded me of my days living in Oregon and how the farms we went to had veggies which were looking frost-bitten too.

I hope I managed to re jig the thermostat to what it should be and that the fruits and vegetables could be happy living in my fridge again.

How nice if Mr Frosty visited us in Singapore…it would be really nice to have seasons!

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