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Frost Bitten Veggies In Sunny Singapore

on April 27, 2014

You must be wondering what in my cotton feline picking brain am I talking about!

Singapore is in the tropics, with only hot sunny days, hotter sunnier days or wet and rainy days in moderate to thundery showers. You are right. We have no seasons. But wait let me finish my story, the frost-bitten vegetables were in my refrigerator 😉

I am an IT idiot really. The darn new fridge contraption of a thermostat dial is one where it is digital with lights for levels of coldness and lights for alternating compartments of freezer and bottom compartments.

The instructions in the operating manual were as clear as mud!

I had depressed the button for it to be at its lowest and sadly the veggies got frost-bitten. The head of cabbage I bought had frozen over 😉

It was nostalgic, as it reminded me of my days living in Oregon and how the farms we went to had veggies which were looking frost-bitten too.

I hope I managed to re jig the thermostat to what it should be and that the fruits and vegetables could be happy living in my fridge again.

How nice if Mr Frosty visited us in Singapore…it would be really nice to have seasons!


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