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My Norman Bates Experience In Perth’s Walpole

on April 28, 2014

Australia is my favorite fishing spot. Over the last 5 years, year on year I spent 4 weeks at a time in Perth, Adelaide (Kangaroo Island) or Tweedheads. All except for last 2 years as my spine and neck degenerated ;-(

My parents, brother and I would fly into Perth and drive south to Albany and back.

We would fish at Perth where we stayed at Quest or at Margaret River’s Knights Inn or at Walpole in self-contained units. These were nice places to stay in. Yes, I am one who loves creature comforts with heating as we usually travel in winter.

I remember once when I went with my brother and we could not find lodging at our favorite place of lodging at Walpole and night fell. We found a so-called ‘Eco’ type housing that screamed Norman Bates Motel. Hobson’s choice we relented and decided to stay here.

The stone staircase we climbed to reach the main house was exactly out of Norman Bates entrance! Scary!

On entering the unit, my jaw fell! It was truly spartan and the living area at a belly pot stove for heating. The toilet and shower stalls were outside the unit and the window in the shower and toilet stalls were ‘nailed’ open. I felt like those Russians or Chinese people taking dips in frozen ice, cut into a hole for people to dip into. It was medicinal treatment. Ha! I comforted self, this was medicinal and therapeutic as I shower in the freezing cold!

Beggars were no choosers as no room at the inn! I felt how Mary & Joseph must have felt staying in the manger where the sheep, cows or goats were and Jesus was born.

We were told to go to the shed and get wood, using the axe. The receptionist or lady manning the counter reminded us to look out for poisonous snakes. This was indeed welcoming 😉

Being urbanites, we panicked and immediately went to the shed and lugged as much wood for the night as it was really cold and the windows were nailed open for ‘ventilation” but it was freezing my buns! Every window was ‘nailed’ open…crazy!! Snakes could slither in right?!

As for trying to cook anything, two hot plates which could not be used concurrently else it trips the power source. There goes any thoughts of a hot meal sadly….

Beds were horrid and mattress was barely a mattress but a sponge!

We spent the night feeding the belly stove as it was our only source of heat as blankets were not enough to keep us snug.

Sleep deprived we could not wait to get out at day break.

Eco or otherwise, give me Quest or Hilary’s anytime! 🙂

We are truly urbanites.


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