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My White Blood Cells Have Gone On Vacation

on April 28, 2014

Sigh….it seems my white blood cells have gone on vacation. They did not get prior approval and decided to up and go. Like Dow Index or Hang Seng, it is continuing to plummet like there is no bottoming out! Egad! Horrid mayhem it is causing me.

Meanwhile I am breaking out into a rash. As if nipped by sand flies, I am suddenly a chimpanzee, scratching as if I have nits infestation!

Off I was ordered by Dr Lui to report back to his clinic and countess Dracula would attend to me.

My favorite phlebotomist Siti appeared and gave me her sweetest smile and told me that she needed only 1 vial today! Deftly she found my vein although her caveat was that she may miss the vein as I have funny veins that do not cooperate! 😉

Yes, the Dow Index fell or because I am Singaporean, SGX fell!

I hope my white cell buggers pluck up their strength. I wonder which silly virus it is? Parvovirus B 19 or EBV or I will never know as there are millions of viruses out there!

My life is so exciting for wrong reasons.


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