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My Sterile Bubble World

on April 29, 2014

My ex boyfriend used to mock me for living a ‘sterile’ life which according to him is living in an enclosed & sheltered antiseptic world.

I had no choice as I am a germ magnet. Germs that get attracted to me will magnify and make me very ill very quickly. Why should I risk it?

I carry anti bacterial wipes with me, almost like an addict. I use such wipes lavishly, cleaning table tops I eat off, wiping hands, holding lift buttons with it etc. I was a living replica of the series Monk, an extremely talented police consultant but suffers from obsessive compulsive behavior.

I may be weird but I ain’t no Adrian Monk. Weird hang ups maybe but no obsessive compulsive behaviors other than being in love with my furry squooshy inanimate Garfield toy. My security blanket!!

A bit dramatic? You bet! I got lesser episodes of germ war fares. Fair trade-off for living in a sterile bubble.

My ex boyfriend wanted me to eat at hawker centers but I refused. We ate only in restaurants.

Tough on his pocket but hey, I have been doing this since a toddler as my mum would not want to invite trouble or I ate home cooked meals. I rather stay home as it was my safest environment. If he felt the pinch then do not ask me out is my simple philosophy ๐Ÿ˜‰

To be fair to my ex boyfriend, he gave up trying to get me to experience new things after he tried repeatedly and getting me sick. I ended up in hospitals most time as a patient for a week each.

Perhaps love and patience has its limitations. There is a price for being with a sick duckling all the time. So he voted with his feet ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I voted with my brain!

If I do not need to shop why do I need to go shopping. If I do need to shop, I am first customer, going in as the doors to the malls open and finish before others come.

This way my doctors and I stay away from each other unless I break my golden rule and decide to live life a little dangerously, amongst the crowds of people!


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