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Biblical Sermons After Barracuda’s Concerto In D Minor

on April 30, 2014

In an hour, I meet Dr James for consult. Barracuda Ally said that she faxed my physiotherapy report to Dr James. I betcha I would be getting biblical sermons from Dr James as Baraccuda Ally’s report was anything but glowing in accolades!

I am not her model patient I admit! I do not just try to do things, I tend to overdo! Yup that is me. My mind is super strong, as if high on motivation, always believing that in the proverbial “mind over matter” philosophy.

I know my body is ravaged and broken, with the threat of more surgeries. But if I sat and moped about it, where does it get me. I, am afraid, a poor moderate. I am an extremist. It is either I do or do not do. If I do, I go to the extreme to test my limits.

My mind is wired in a strange way. I must strive to achieve always. I refuse to succumb to frailties of life and this was echoed by Dr James previously and he is not wrong. šŸ˜‰

I think, therefore I am. I do not give up. I am a survivor (even my ex boyfriend knows that) and will never say die.

Am I weary? Yes of course I am! But where does weariness leave me? Not very far.

So I am destined to be listening to more of Barracuda Ally’s Concerto followed by biblical sermons from Dr James as I am a recalcitrant non toeing medical party lines sort of patient that tests the very patience of my medical care providers!

Vive la….ME! Only the supreme confident fool of a surgeon can tolerate my nonsense! Thankfully, with Tonto, Dr James and Barracuda Ally, I shall behave……maybe a little šŸ˜‰


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