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Foreigners Who Love My Little Red Dot

on May 25, 2014

Who’s to tell that when a former President of Indonesia took a swipe at our size, calling us a little red dot which would then become an iconic tag line for Singapore.

We turned adversity to opportunity and now tourists use it freely as we use it freely and with pride! Yes, come our 50th year of independence next year, we are celebrating it by using this iconic tag line.

Ha! That former President of Indonesia must be kicking self so hard as who is to say, he created our tourist tag line!

We may be small but in the words of our PM Lee, we are like “chilli padi”, feisty and spicy as we pack a wallop when bitten like the little red chillis! 🙂

I’d like to refer to fellow blogger, Alifesagayventure, (yes, BIG thanks to him and his comments he has given me food for thought to extend the think thoughts of how much Singapore has grown, developed and entered the economic life cycle of a developed nation) for his insightful thoughts and sharing of his visit in Singapore as a student back in 1970s perhaps.

As a tourist, I could sense his love and passionate care for my little red dot! If not, he will not have shared the scape of Bugis back then!

I am sure he has observed the difference in management style of our country versus UK. He is correct to point out that too much consultation can get us no where and hence, our then Prime Minister Lee Kuan a Yew was tough as nails back then to whip Singapore into economic shape. No wonder he and Iron Lady Thatcher got on famously well.

I felt Iron Lady Thatcher did a great job of putting UK up in better light, economically and politically. Still, in politics, we can never truly please everyone.

Today’s generation is not like that of yester years! If a tough as nails approach is adopted, I am sure political votes will be lost.

But occupants here are not silly, neither is the opposition who has made it clear that he is not here to take over but ‘slap the bus driver’ in case the bus driver falls asleep! Valid point! The infrastructure and laws established are solid. We did away with jury duty as this was best left to the legal eagles. My sister in New Zealand moaned that her 19 year old son would have to do jury duty in the middle of finals for his sophomore year in the university.

Singapore has developed and grown much under current leaders. Without them, I feel we will not be where we are, a prized country whose passport is respected whenever and wherever I travel!

We are known for tough laws and fines! But I am glad as being in USA, I do not feel safe walking late at night nor comfortable in slum areas where graffiti is rampant! I will not even mention China or Thailand etc.

Warm Thanks to Alifesagayventure for letting me reflect on your comments and putting pen to paper or technically key board key pad to iPad for this blog too! 🙂

Do come back and visit us soon!

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