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Forever Hungry Has Left The Main Building

on May 30, 2014

Boy oh boy am I ever so glad that Forever Hungry is leaving the main building and landing in the pits of Tuas area! No, she is not a Hungry Ghost. Hungry Ghosts come out to roam the earthly realm during the 7th month when the Gates of Hell are flung open for a month for ghosts or spooks to feed on offerings living people make for them!

I am happy to see her go. Thin as a rake, she is always eating non stop! It could be a spud, followed by salmon, a boxed lunch, biscuits, bread… can name it and she will be eating it at one time or other in her 9 hours of work in the office. I am absolutely jealous of her metabolic rate to digest food and have it turn into a glob of fat somewhere on her frame.

We suspect she has a bunch of worms in her tummy and they are the ones feeding on whatever that goes into her buccal cavity and travel to the stomach. Perhaps some worm fed it up and it escapes her alimentary system along the way šŸ˜‰

Forget Jean Yip or slimming products or slim wraps…

Is she nice as a person? Not really. She is rather selfish and a tittle-tattle, contributing to the office politics and selfish for own reasons. Only what is good for her, is her target. Admittedly, she is focused in this area.

Not a team player, she irks others and causes tension amongst a team that works happily together. Her leaving is the best present to us as one lesser political player in the fray.

Aah well, there is still Pig Head Plus Tail, Scorpion King, Roti Prata and Gossip Queen to contend with. Yes, my work place sounds like a zoo or an animal kingdom of sorts šŸ˜‰

If I met my fairy godmother, I would ask for a magic wand and use it to “Poof” and send these buggers to a desolate island where they can play politics all they want, amongst themselves! Not that would be cool! šŸ˜‰

Where are you fairy godmother….man I need my magic wand LOL!


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