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If I Was Obscenely Opulent

on May 30, 2014

If I was obscenely opulent or in plain speak….darn confounding rich and swimming in barrels of cash to the tune of zillions…I would do the following…

Scholarships even for child care toddlers. Imagine giving a toddler a bursary to pay for his or her learning how to walk, potty train, dress and figure out squares from rounds!

No one will go hungry or without shelter. Remember all this is make belief as in “IF” and boy oh boy. Do I feel powerful and rich like a tycoon magnate equivalent to Forbes list.

I will approach Jim Davis and buy the rights to have a theme park of Garfield, Odie and Friends in my little red dot. All rides and food are free, including free admission. This is my dream come true to have all 465 of my Garfield furry friends on display, sharing with other people who love Garfield like me!

Imagine cakes baked in the shape of Garfield faces or Odie faces.

Free Garfield tee shirts, linens and even socks to all guests to the theme park.

Each household will have fully paid wifi connection and PCs for connectivity, free medical care and the best part is pay all the taxes for the people.

Free transport…all paid for.

Darn…I am only dreaming but hey, I wish it was real. I could enjoy doing it and having so much fun making people happy.

But wake up and smell the coffee….I can never be that rich! šŸ˜‰


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