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Kindness Begets Kindness

on May 30, 2014

My mum is 80 years young and she believes in helping others. For as long as I can remember, she will support the poor, champion for the weak and stand up for her principles. To date, she still pays for my meals. She is extremely generous too, giving most willingly to the foreign worker who cleans the common corridors of the block where she lives; food, fruits or even cash. 

I can see her happiness giving to others. Most times, I feel that she is taken advantage of, but she thinks the better of people, less suspicious than me. Despite her being shortchanged by some people, she still stoically believes in the good of these people.

Today Chicken and I took my mum and dad out to dinner. My mum insisted on us trying Korean food at a coffee shop some 4 blocks away. She literally insisted that we had to order from this stall despite Chicken wanting to eat Mee Siam, a Malay food dish.

I could see my mum ardently wanting to support the Chinese National manning this stall. Seeing her wanting to help him out by patronizing this stall, we caved in and ordered Saba fish, 2 sets of Bimbab rice in stone earthen ware and fried fish head soup.

The portions were generous and cost undoubtedly reasonable as the meal for 3 of us cost $20 including 2 ice teas.

Seeing my mum’s kindness, the Chinese national gave us a complimentary serving of kimchi and paper towels.

Yes, kindness begets kindness! 🙂

I have lots to emulate my mum. She is a giving person and I feel that I am less giving to total strangers. True, I am like her. I do give out food, biscuits or meals to foreign workers or poor people but not in volumes like her as I tend to make organized donations which gives out proper tax receipts. I think before I act.

My mum being who she is, gives without thought and freely. I do envy her ability to do this and without hesitation or thought 😉


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