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Declining Years

on May 31, 2014

What is age, other than a measure of a life span and a marker to celebrate birthdays isn’t it?

If 50 is the new age 40, then 50 years of age and above leaves one in your prime, given a longer life span.

Unless you are in an occupation that requires you to remain eternally young, like a model on a runway of a catwalk, age does not matter.

This is explicitly stated in hiring policies too, unless a particular occupation pegs age to job.

I know of army or uniformed personnel having to retire by age 45. This is sad but I suppose it is due to the physical and demanding nature of their job.

Surgeons too have a finite life span, as a surgeon, given their handiwork may also perhaps decline with age. Most surgeons gracefully exit after a certain age, especially orthopedics or neurosurgery.

I was once told by a then orthopedic surgeon that rarely women go into orthopedics as it requires a certain amount of bull strength to manage bones. This same surgeon retired before age 60 years of age. His hand had begun to be less stable holding a scalpel and his confidence was less strong – fear factor sets in!

Age for people in business is a plus factor. The older one gets, the wiser one is in terms of business strategies or people networking. I admires the likes of great bankers in Singapore or real estate moguls who continued to wheel and deal even in their older years.

Age is a mindset. So what if one is 50 years old but performs a good job. It does not mean that just because one is older, they are of no use to society.

For the man who calls others “old”, I sincerely hope that you genuflect. You ain’t no spring chicken yourself and your usefulness in your current occupation has a fast approaching lifespan expiration date. You will also grow old unless you found the fountain of youth and found way to immortalize self to eternal youthfulness?

Fortunately for me, I am in an evergreen occupation whereas for the man who mocks seniors, once you reach your expiration date, there is little else you can do except perhaps play the stock market. What goes up can also come crashing down! Let’s hope it crashes during your earning years and not when it is your nest egg and it becomes a big fat nought! 😉

Ah well, who knows, this man who mocks seniors may still make buckets of cash. But without the heart and passion to genuinely care for others, he will be lonely lest he hides behind the faith he purports. Yet another reason why I detest the Catholic faith! Yes, by now I truly hate Catholicism as none of those whom I know as Catholics are kind nor benevolent souls other than K and Singer.

Spare a thought for seniors! Do not slime them but remember them for their efforts in making my little red dot what it is today.


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