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Doctor Relationships Gone Sour

on May 31, 2014

My mood today is a sombre one as I recollect how a fee paying surgeon can be so unkind.

I remember how another surgeon who liked me a bit more than usual took a different approach when I could not reciprocate his attention.

He was nice enough to ride into the sunset, leaving me alone after he tried to hang on. I felt he was professional in parting of ways. Today we exchange messages but we do not meet. I am not ready to meet him.

My latest episode with a surgeon made me ponder and reflect.

I strongly felt that the relationship between this incumbent surgeon & I went south (“sour”) when I did not agree to follow his faith and overtures.

I am anti married men. I ain’t a 3rd party applicant and not keen on starting to be one. Further his wife is a domineering and controlling woman who wished to bottle him up or ring fence him, far away from civilisation saved specially for her. I find this possessiveness of hers troubling and weird.

When I failed to reciprocate, I suspect this caused the difficult approach he adopted to make my life a living hell.

I hope he wakes up and finds it in his catholic heart to stop being vindictive and be the surgeon he swore to be under his hippocratic oath.


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