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Piglet’s Surprise Bouquet!!

I shrieked with absolute delight when I saw this lovely tote bag containing my favorite flowers – SUNFLOWERS!!

I do not know how Piglet did it but she managed to send it to me!!

I am humbled by your kindness and thoughtfulness Piglet and If you are reading my blog (as you always do) kindly pop by my room if time permits tomorrow.

I truly feel bad to put you out of your way really!!



Thank you so much for the delightful surprise and it is nice that through wordpress, I can receive good friendships and lovely wishes from readers.

Look forward to meeting you Piglet 🙂


My Atypical Description Of An MRI Scan

Each time I am prescribed an MRI, I feel like I have been encased in a coffin!

Literally, I get all tucked in and am shoved into an enclosed space that resembles a coffin.

The conveyor like movement of “putting” me through is exactly like the conveyor belt approach of when the coffin is conveyed from the memorial hall to the “BBQ” pit. Ha ha! My descriptive usage of BBQ pit to describe furnace whereby the process of cremation begins 😉

I have not been dead before, neither have I resurrected from the dead unfortunately 😀

I am the living dead or at least I feel like it, nuts, bolts, pokes and proddings, blood sucking techniques by phlebotomist – big word for otherwise known as “blood sucker” 🙂

Back to my descriptive way of an MRI….once you are in, the “fun” begins!

Seriously the ear plugs don’t help as the “Tock Tock Tock….clang clang clang….” Is quite deafening as the giant magnets pull cells to form images, they call MRI scan!

Today’s slots are full and tomorrow at 8.30am I will be a participant of this wondrous device.

I rub my hand in glee and grin ear to ear! Heh…this is not a right description, it should read as, “this is going to be one claustrophobic, ear deafening experience of the déjà vu kind! Super big ugh!”

But, I ain’t going to be a baby 😉 this is nothing compared to my marathon operation LOL!

I am just bitching LOL!


Making Friends In Right Useful Places

I was delighted with door to door service from the Biz Office at Bates Motel. Hah!! Like DHL or FedEx except this ain’t a courier company! But a hospital that I personify to be “Bates Motel” – remember Norman Bates of Psycho, great thriller by Alfred Hitchcock!

But why do I get to enjoy this door to door service? Well, partly cos I made a good lasting impression with the head honcho there, whom I call, Mr Billing, for the purposes of this blog post 😉

Despite the good relations built, I dutifully queued at admissions to gain admission and after doing that was hounded by Mr Billing who appeared like Houdini immediately on entering my assigned room. I felt I should not over extend my welcome or take advantage!

Mr Billing apologized profusely for letting me wait and he shared with me that he was eye balling his staff from behind as I went through the admission process!

He was disappointed that I had not been told of door to door service that he had apparently arranged for me to do paperwork in the ward 🙂

It was really sweet of Mr Billing to do all this and he had to make two trips to see me in my ward as apparently I had forgotten to sign off some local government regulated use of funds.

I feel that when you treat people well, in turn people treat me even better!

Mr Billing is one such guy. During my last admission, he was a gem and he helped me with refunds to ensure it gets straight to my bank account. Throughout my stay last time, which lasted 2 months and my bill came up to a whopping sum, Mr Billing made everything seamless.

I had shared with him then my nightmare on Billing Street for previous admissions and he had made a mental note to ensure it never had to ever happen to me again.

Mr Billing is super cool as he has to face irate patients most times or family members and being a private hospital, money comes first. I do not envy Mr Billing’s job as it is not at all easy. It is frustrating and if one ain’t cool, you can loose it.

I learnt something from Mr Billing. It is just a job and all jobs are the same. Do your best and if no complaints received then, he has done a good job 😉

Mr Billing is not even seeking compliments! Nor does he expect it!

I am grateful to Mr Billing and the lovely lady who handled my admission this morning! 🙂

It settled the trepidation and fears of being incarcerated in Bates Motel LOL!

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10 Pet Peeves Staying In A Hospital

1. Darn – TV Volume Control
I have to be mindful of volume and to hear a TV “whispering” is not much fun as compared to the volume I like. Everything is silent!

2. Lost In Channel Surfing
I do not subscribe to pay TV and so my TV programs are limited which is easy picking.

I am now spoilt for choice as there’s hordes of choices that I am spoilt for choice such that Ugh!! How do I select??

I end up channel surfing, unable to pick any.

3. Meal Times
I am used to laissez faire timing to eat. In Bates Motel, REGIMENTED eating times. I feel like I am in a concentration camp but of course with great food choices.

I know I should not be complaining but too much to eat and too soon! Sigh!!

4. Towels & Toiletries
I am used to big bottles of shampoos. Doggone forgot to bring own and have to squeeze teeny tiny hotel style size bottles of toiletries.

Cannot complain about towels as lurve it given same quality I am used to.

5. Weight & Height
Sigh….I hate weighing self as 3 alphabets FAT!!

As for height, I stopped shooting up since teenage years. If at my age I am getting taller then something’s terribly wrong! If I am shrinking, much worst!

6. Am I Pregnant?
Gawd in the public seating area they must ask as I had to undergo scans and tests! I smiled my sweetest and replied, ” if I am, it is the case of immaculate conception” – I felt like Virgin Mary 😀

7. Food Server
There is a server I call, “13 Points” – in Cantonese it is “Sap San Tim” or in English “Ditzy”

Ditzy serves lunch at 1.45pm. Shoves table of food into the room and starts to sort out expresso machine in the room! DUHH!! Patient here, how about my chow? I felt like a pupply wondering if she will push table to my bed or near where chairs are!

8. Ipad & Cell Phones – Darn Devices
Looks like the mysterious Gremlin got wind that I was out of the office and put a hex on my communication devices. I feel like I am managing the stock exchange as an octopus!

9. Free Wi Fi But…..
Sheesh…they block wordpress….on ipad!! Thank goodness for handheld devices.

10. Drum roll…..
Air con thermostat is hard to manage and I have joined the penguins and polar bears. Soon I can cut out ice and fish with my handline!! Brrr… 

I just “lurve” my stay at Bates Motel!!

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Believe It Or Not, No One Has Irked Me Just Yet!

I have checked into “Bates Motel”


No change to the brown hues of the decorative theme…

Same old flat screen TV….


Most importantly, my companion, the trusty furry inanimate soft toy Garfield has settled in LOL


Chef Boyadee came by with the menu and I have selected my meals up till tomorrow. Quite a dramatic menu, too many things to tick and I hope I have ticked them all. Regular butler, Dudi was on hand to guide. So is Baskar! Thumbs up!

Nurses have been a gem and Sister Selvi personally took me to the room and settled me in.

Not nice to back but glad I see same old faces…comforting in a way.

Dr Gavin will see me tomorrow at Radiology.

Thank goodness the Radiology Technician was not a dope to ask me where my hip was!

The other idiot at Mt E Novena did that and Xena Warrior here, lobbed his head off!

Silly twit asking me where my hip was, I might as well do my own scans if I knew how to operate the CT Scan!

I had one word to describe that fool, “imbecile” 😀

Aaah I spotted a change in the manner with which they serve water. They went upmarket and took away my plastic water jug of which I begged them to serve me and they did. I did not feel like drinking Evian as I prefer plain old boiled water from our water works…my support for local water! 😉


The going has been great so far as I undergo my Frankenstein tests. Hopefully I remain irked free and can be peacefully left to blog away and or do my office work….Crickey, it is piling up ;-(

Aah well….I am not going to let anyone or anything bug me as I relaxingly rest with Garfield 😀


Gardening In A Concrete Jungle

The little red dot has a great urban renewal plan. We have green lungs, tree-lined roads, parks, roof top gardens and the latest “invention” called “vertical gardens.”

If you visit my little red dot, you will see trees planted at very consistent intervals…yes, that’s us, very regimental in our approach and things must look nice and linear as in very orderly. Just like our lamp posts 😉

Our trees are instant trees! Huh? No, it is not as if, you add water and poof, voila a tree stands tall, upright in the allotted spot! Ha ha! But rather these trees are mature as in a good trunk, roots and lobbed off branches. These grow super fast and very soon we have full-grown mature trees.

However, lately we have a lot of uprooted trees when strong winds blow – yes weather or climate changes are have our trees uproot and fall over, crashing public property, cars and sadly lives too.

National Parks Board (NParks) have been busy pruning these trees so that their liabilities are better managed! I call it tree massacre as a tree in all its beauty and glory loses it crown. Branches, boughs, leaves get lobbed off and I call it, seeing the skeletal tree!

It seems species like rain tree with its glorious umbrella canopy and the Angsana tree gets uprooted easily as they have roots that do not go very deep.

Tree doctors are busy checking and ensuring healthy trees, not termite riddled nor parasites have invaded them, such that the integrity of the tree puts humans at risk.

We have a responsible infrastructure which comes from good governance 😉

So, whilst it is a shame to see ugly butchered trees, I understand the rationale behind it.

I am excited at seeing vertical gardens and am wondering if the pigeon hole where I roost in can adopt this?

Also being not a green thumb person, I am still hopeful to engage in the art of planting sweet potatoes, chye sim etc for the neighborhood….

How nice if this takes off and as a selfish home owner, we save money on re-painting works 😀

Vertical gardens will have its challenges and I am sure cost will be hefty….so although the concept is great, the cost may be a tad daunting!

Still, one can be hopeful 🙂

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Who Am I, I Truly Wonder?!

I am befuddled as I do not know who am I really!

Phish posh! Of course I have a name and citizenry but I often ask if I knew who the “I” in me is!

Yup, stock take and self check time…

I am I
Who loves a good ham.
I ain’t a lamb
And I certainly don’t go out on a Limb!

Wherein lies the “I” in ME?
Am I the ” I ” people see…

I have an ascerbic tongue. I fight for rights of those who gets bullied or I sense, have been bullied.

I help with brains and not from the heart as lessons I learnt from helping from the heart without brains, got me hurt and burnt! 😦

Such a way of helping prescribed above, made me a pansy for consters.

I get fleeced of emotions, trust, helping and cash.

I took stock of things yesterday as I sat with a man whom I thought I could trust.

Key word is “thought” – I have been wary about friendships since my last love affair ended.

I was guilty of being judge and jury from failed friendships, having been milked dry of considerations and kindness.

This poor chap that sat in front of me kept saying that regardless of how I viewed him, he wants to be my good friend and that he wants nothing from me.

Just 6 months ago, the surgeon who operated on me also said the same plea and with same conviction! That went rather quickly into the gutter! 6 months later to the tune of Disney’s “let it go” – I let him go! LOL!

So why was Mr Pleading, pleading so hard? Do I trust him enough to let him into my circle of trust?

Or is he knowing the real bitch in me?

Mr Hallo Hallo it seems, struck a cord in him when he quipped in Mr Pleading’s presence that I was either one’s best friend or biggest bitch!

I am confused. Who am I really?

Kind or naive?

Mean or sincere?

Loving or hurtful?

Trusting or doubting?

I guess I will never know as each situation warrants an outcome, neither the same, most times with each mutually exclusive I guess.

One thing is for sure….I speak it as I see it. I do not hold back and have no time for petty squabbles.

I usually put up a “write off” form and write off people whom I feel deserves no time nor place in my totem pole of things once I realise their wrong intent.

Therein lies truth that I am indeed your world’s best friend or world’s biggest bitch?

Take your pick!! 😀

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Today’s Learning Point For Me


On Sundays I have part time help from an odd job laborer who works hard for his money to feed his immediate family.

Hailing from Bangladesh, he has been faithfully arriving at my place for part time work for some 3 years now.

Time flies and I remember him when he was first working for me. His English has improved and I too, have learned some words in his native language.

I tend to pack a food parcel of biscuits and snacks including instant coffee granules for his week’s consumption.

This I learnt from my mum who always practice compassion, humility and kindness to others. I do not talk down or sneer at these hardworking individuals.

I remember my then boyfriend who eschewed compassion and touted kindness. But strangely, he despised foreign workers in reality.

I never could understand why, till I saw him pretending to be compassionate to one peddling pocket tissues in a crowd and he magnanimously drawing out $2 to buy from this peddler.

Eureka! He paid and did a deed in the presence of people. A crowd must exist to form an audience for him to do a good deed! This was his methodology to earn brownie points!

He once chided me for being “stingy” to him and not giving him treats. I felt no need to do so and it was just sticks and stones to me.

I refused to cave in to his requests as my money was better off helping the deserving. Besides, he had oodles of cash as he is rich!

One day, a Chinese national who hailed from Jilin visited me and was seeking employment as she was soon going to lose her job here, given the tightening of foreign work permits. I sought my then boyfriend’s help as he had a thriving business and could support her application.

His immediate response to her was that she was nothing more than a prostitute! I hated him there and then as a sweeping statement like that was painful.


Social work requires commitment on the part of the volunteer. To volunteer, I must commit and each term comes with 3 years of service to the community.

Come later in July, I will be sworn in for my second term of 3 years. I am committed to help and improve the lives of seniors.

Come rain or shine, in good health or bad unless I am incarcerated, I will serve this community.

I have seen volunteers coming to volunteer for perks and or medals. They disappear as quickly after they commit.

This, to me, is not commitment but hinging on the glamour of the voluntary post to attain recognition and use it to purport your business goals, showing self as a deserving social entrepreneur.


Being humble is essential to me.

I started out from upper middle income status and though I have not experienced poverty, I know what it is to be frugal as I worked my self up after being booted out of the family house as a result of a political coup designed by my delightful sister and brother. I found self as the pariah of the family and was left roofless.

Working hard, I sat and supped with the lower echelons of society, learning poverty and experiencing it through their eyes. I was blessed with kindness of friends who gave me a hand.

I never forgot this important lesson and though today I have arrived somewhat (basically surviving with a roof over my head and a job), I never forgot this important lesson.

I also remember painful moments in love when my then boyfriend chose a dying sister’s wealth about to be bequeathed to a woman he should woo.
I was a good catch till he realized the abode in The Beverly Hills of the little red dot was soon gone as I was penniless!

Mind you, this is the same twit who came crawling back to me years later when I was a head honcho in an organization who went on to hire his company’s business which gave him fixed income of more than $200,000 a month for a service his team could do.

The 3 precepts as I call them are vital to me.

Without compassion, comes no understanding and the meaning of humility is lost.

Commitment is what gets me out of the poor house to achieve and be determined in what I set self to achieve in.

In looking back, with two empty hands and no roof over my head, I have succeeded in living life in dignity, giving and sharing with the right people and at the right time.

There are loads of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I am especially blessed that the deities of the realm pitied me and took my ex boyfriend away because if I had married him with the belief he cared for me, it was not the case.

I would have been saddled with his debt and greed of wanting a quick buck and leaving me sadly behind whilst he two times and seeks affairs behind my back as he does with his current spouse.

Keep the faith is my mantra – not all men or husbands are bad. There are also good and loving siblings.

What I experienced is probably fated.

Had I not gone through all these trials, I doubt I would have the compassion, humility and commitment to be a better person always!

I might have been a character worst off than my siblings, or even my then boyfriend 😀


Today’s Sunday Snippets

How quickly I return to a Sunday morn!

Gooood morning….from a little red dot where I live!

No great news other than equatorial us will have to endure hotter and wetter climates as we plod on age.

Sheesh…to me, more sun as in more heat! Hot as in hotter. I do not mind the rain as without water, we will be a parched land!

I am plotting the day’s meal menu and have decided to peruse my fridge to find out what lies in this cool or frozen cavern!

After rummaging through it…I found a lot of left overs. There are curry puffs made of potatoes and or sardines, meat filled baos ( pork buns), drawer full of Granny Smiths and some sour mangoes!

Delectable and not much need to anything.

Aha…I also found two pieces of beef rendang and a piece of chicken with some roti jalal from Friday when my cousin brought dinner to my folks!

Spoilt for choice…and I had a pot of mince pork soup base to inflate from.

Chicken and Bird will tut tut away when I reply their query as to what is for lunch?!

To them, all meals must be freshly prepared and cooked with the freshest Ingredients from the wet market.

They have not live abroad and do not know that living in America or UK does not have proximity supermarkets without driving some distance away.

The luxury of living in the Little Red Dot is: there is a supermarket everywhere unless you live in a landed estate!

But for me, old habits die hard and I live as if there is no daily trip to the supermarket! 😉

For entertainment, there is couple of series to follow…Merlin Adventures, Burn Notice and Once Upon A Time. Weekend goggle box entertainment ain’t too bad else I could pop in a DVD to watch something I like.

I am not into going out. I am a recluse now, I think. Ever since I broke up from my then boyfriend, I do not see the need to exit my boudoir other than to get groceries, to work or run errands or social voluntary work.

Jeepers, maybe I will be one of those statistics that people read of who died, home alone.

Or maybe, just maybe, someone out there will say hey where is that loon? We have not seen her and check up on me 😉

Thor the Thunder God is rumbling in the background. Zeus will send lightning shortly and the rains will fall.

Just as well for me to curl up on the couch and enjoy the rains in my own domain 😀

Happy Sunday!

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I Play Liar’s Poker To Win

I hate lying as I know ultimately, paper cannot wrap fire and I will get burnt.

Aaah but then boyfriend is a great expert at lying and he plays a mean hand at Liar’s Poker but sadly, as he ages or lies too often and too much, he gets caught in his web of deceit and lies.

I often pondered…erm why does he lie?

His cult following need to feed on his bed of lies to stay motivated so as to perform in sales and achieve targets.

Having attended his hoopla sessions (I call it this as it is nothing more than war chants to drive adrenalin up and all to say hail King of Lies so that they become Minion Liars, future King of Lies in the making)

Lying has it merits. I am against all lies – hmm you must be wondering what in the world is this mad loon trying to say?!

I am for white lies. White lies are defined as lies not to hurt people. But in truth I prefer hard and cold truths.

I use white lies or I call Liar’s Poker to overcome vendors and suppliers. I cannot give exact values of bids but tend to negotiate saying “others” gave a better deal or offer” – the rest I leave to their discretion to re price and bid.

Amongst colleagues, the office politics are rife and as a survival tool, I have to play Liar’s Poker as it is their back or mine! I chose to save my back!

I sum up Liar’s Poker….I tell some of the truth, not the whole truth…so help me spirits of the realm 😉

But when it comes to family, I do not even try to begin to lie white lie or other – strictly NO Lies Zone! 🙂

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