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Learning To Ride A Bicycle

on June 11, 2014

I remember when I first learnt how to ride a bicycle. I had two training wheels attached and was happily cycling with it. I was in my comfort zone and enjoyed my set of “wheels” as a 10 year old.

When my dad tried to wean me off it, I refused. I guess I was afraid of falling and the idea of 2 wheels supporting me as I cycled did not make sense to my pigeon brain.

Well, as luck would have it, the two spare wheels fell off one day! It literally dropped off as I wheeled my bicycle out to pedal. Hmm, now that I am all grown up, I suspect it was sabotage and probably by my crafty parents too! What better way than to say, hey the wheels dropped off and you have no choice!

I rode my first ride on two wheels – solo and gingerly cycled. I wobbled but we had “lift off” as they would say at NASA, Houston! Whee! I was off.

In fact, I was so fast off that I could not handle the speed whilst going down hill and fell like a ton of bricks to the bitumen road and caused huge abrasions to my knees and elbows. In those days, we never knew of cycling helmets or joint guards to prevent injury.

My bicycle was mangled but I lived. I swore off cycling ever again till I went off to Oregon to study.

In Oregon, I had no choice but to rely on a bicycle as I needed to go about getting groceries and running errands. I bought up a beat up old bicycle as I did not want any speed in it.

I cycled like an “old lady” carefully and slowly as the vision of me being flung never erased out of my CPU no matter how hard I re-booted or defrag my hard disk in the brain compartment.

Bicyles have come a long way. Today we have titanium frame bicycles that cost thousands of dollars; wide ranging types from mountain bikes, Raleigh bicycles, Choppers, racing bicycles etc.

Gone is the simple bicycle of rustic feel. Sheesh, even the park rangers have great quality bikes!

Advancement in life, things change and so must we as a people to adapt to the changes that revolve our lives.


6 responses to “Learning To Ride A Bicycle

  1. Piglet says:

    I am embarraed to admit that I can’t ride a bicycle. My mum gave up on me after numerous attempts to teach me. Lol! As a Singaporean, I am just as embarrassed telling people I have never been to Bangkok. The reaction from people about these 2 short comings of mine, was like as if I am a criminal 😄😄😄

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