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Moral Compass

on July 28, 2014

I believe in Jiminy Cricket, the cartoon character of “conscience” manifested in a Grasshopper or a Locust.

Life’s challenges are coped or manipulated as one strives ahead without thought of hurting, depriving anyone of their merits perhaps.

I like to believe in a moral compass or one’s moral compass.

Is there such a thing?

Does a successful business man believe in say ” live and let live ” or overpower and usurp authority to get ahead or “cheers to me and to hell with others?!

I have been amongst really successful people and even leaders. At the time of a deed, or any deed, one can be mistakenly seen as a dictator, manipulator of sorts.

But in reality, given any political chaos and an economy in throes of economic doldrums, does one give democracy or have a take over mindset to “save the country”?

Agreeably, too much of anything is or can be a bad.

3rd world countries have rampant corruption. Can it be stamped out overnight?

A tad hard is my view as something imbued in a system for centuries or decades (younger countries) is harder to negate.

A brazen Pig Head Without Tail was bold to say that “so what if people are on the take” – he is amongst those in a South East Asian country that is rife with it.

But was it right for one in the business position he is in? Where is his moral compass I thought?

A glib tongue in his head, he asked an upright citizen of the little red dot to ensure no graft in words, but in action he practices anti graft measures with two eyes closed.

Whilst the one he tasks to ensure corrupt free practices is made an enemy by all in country of work, Pighead Without Tail is politically undermining this poor person’s naivete by supporting corrupt practices!

Such as the likes of managed corruption wherein lies the line for moral compass?

My then boyfriend was also a sterling example of one who seems to purport moral compass and bow head in Sunday service to speak before a congregation.

Yet, he says there is no black or white areas but “grey” ones.

He will sleep with any woman to get what he wants though he is “happily married” it seems on the surface.

He will use social enterprise as a phrase to augment his wealth all in the name of entrepreneurial spirit or “love” for people at large!

What is a moral compass then?

Different strokes for different folks?

I rely on my Jiminy Cricket and that is my moral compass. What I do, cannot and must not be at the loss of others!

Sadly, this may explain why I ain’t rich and famous!



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