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David Versus Goliath & I Am The Proverbial Ant

on July 29, 2014

I felt like such an ant today when David faced off Goliath except that it was me versus legal eagles!

A silly colleague infringed the law and it became the fault of the company. I knew that, the negotiators beside me know that! But ugh! Head Honcho refuses to believe that! 😦

It is as if Head Honcho thinks we have leverage to bargain. Imagine if you will, the damages was at $10 (for easier understanding I used $10) but refusing to admit fault, he wishes to pay $0.10! It is as if we robbed someone, got out of jail with a free card and along the way, did a jig in front of the guard and said ‘neh nanny boo boo…catch me if you can!’

As an ant, I knew we will be crushed as there is no negotiating after a settlement was reached at $1.

I wish I was an elephant as I would love to sit on some fellas till they gasp for breath. Unfortunately I was an ant. An ant who had to toggle on her blackberry to update the Head Honcho of the progress of the negotiation.

I was a sandwiched ant and together with another fellow ant, we both looked like Cheech & Chong, with no life buoys in sight as we threaded water, hoping to hear, “land ahoy” or “agreed to settle”.

Crestfallen the two ants went back after 3 hours of negotiation, bringing down the initial settlement sum of $10 to $1 but without any inkling as to if Head Honcho will settle.

Our own legal eagle said if was a good deal and suggested or advised us to take it. If we end up under a gavel, we may end up paying in so many zeros, one cannot count!

Ah well, Head Honcho’s call with Money Bags!

The two ants remember their places…..amongst the other ants, in the ant hill, till we are summoned by Queen Ant also know as Head Honcho.

Soldier ants just soldier on πŸ™‚

Meanwhile the clock ticks as we do have a deadline….tick Tock tick Tock……


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