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Bad Manners …..Think Again!

on July 30, 2014

I find foreign talent (they think they are foreign talent and I do not mean those from upper echelons of society’s rungs like the really qualified CEOs but the minion species hired by stingy firms to undercut the local workforce) sometimes rather rude.

I had the Mistress of Money Bags stomping up to me with a big loud fat “EHHHH… dentist claim not approved. Why?”

I turned around with the biggest smile and shot back “EHHHHH why, what happened”

Mistress of Money Bags realises I am slighting her now, adds, “Ehh but I said XXXXXXX your name what” and I again with the biggest smile said, “EHHH XXXXX let me look into it”

After looking up the issue, I went back to her and said, “EHHHH…I have buttered the vendor and they will revert”

Mistress of Money Bags returns a smile, “Ya lor…you Head Honcho sure can solve”

Meanwhile, Money Bags turns around to me and said that whatever I want to talk to Mistress of Money Bags can be said in common area of his department. Of which, “I said, errm, so if she wants to talk about her poor sex performance, I can speak in common area?” All this with a big big smile 😀

SMILES can kill and will kill – my secret weapon of killing an enemy – WITH A HUGE SMILE! 🙂


2 responses to “Bad Manners …..Think Again!

  1. zareenn3 says:

    Hahaha! Flash em a smile and you can get away with most things.

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