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Everything Due Yesterday

on July 30, 2014

There is no equality in life. Though it is often said that all men (including women) are born equal, I do take dispute in this sentence as these days, some are not even born equal, as they are born with disabilities!

A child born out of wedlock or at worst by a crack addict mum leaving disabilities for the poor child.

In working life, one may have a similar title, but yet things at work are so dissimilar and I can totally bash the head of Acorn Nut as he clearly has no clue on what a “like for like” product entails. His usage of the words, “similar yet dissimilar” prompted me to write this blog!

Similar means having a likeness or resemblance of the same as in similar two houses. Similar is especially clear in geometry as in similar angles, triangles etc.

So what the heck is this Acorn Nut talking about? Obviously, his English is poor and he is an old coot! Trust me, mega old, stubborn and asinine most times with a reputation in the market that no one wants to be even 10,000 sq km near him!

Back to my blog article as I got carried away with this Acorn Nut πŸ˜€

One may have the same job titles but the experience and scope of one’s capabilities can attract dissimilar compensation, especially if one’s merits are noticed.

But it largely sucks if one works in a non meritorious environment and relies on currying of favors to get ahead or bluntly, “plain sucking up to get ahead!”

Some may have a job with the world’s best bosses and an understanding environment that things require time to turn around.

Despite my breakneck speed to complete work tasks, I get piled on with a lot more load as this camel it seems can do more. I can do more as I know I have large capacity to absorb but the question is, why should I set new limits for idiotic Head Honchos to pile on more.

Head Honchos are usually a blessed but dumb lot. But to be fair, I guess, they have a lot of luck and some methodology to get ahead of the game as they become head honchos in the manner different from me.

If you want a reply or a decision from Head Honcho, you will probably have to wait weeks or months if you are not quite lucky but hey, if Head Honcho wants something, anything, it was like due yesterday but then, they take forever to return with a decision.

Sometimes, for negotiation settlements, I can be tasked to enter into the fight ring (imagine along with me if you will) with my hands and legs shackled but I am expected to fight like a prize bull! I assure you no amount of head butting would work too, as guess what, Head Honcho shaved off my butt horns too 😦

Not a fair fight right? Wrong! In Head Honcho’s view, the fight is most fair and because I lost, this poor prize bull is locked up without food and water as it failed to perform!

Voila…..Management 101 at my door step!

My strategy is, look good when entering a fight ring. Tell opponents I am bound, gagged and injured. Let’s not fight and instead peace talk with a friendly round of drinks! LOL!

What Head Honcho does not have is charisma, charm or tacit diplomacy! Darn, politics work! πŸ˜€


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