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I Feel Antiquated When…..

on July 30, 2014

There is a great divide amongst how people think or do things.

There is the baby boomers, post baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & the latest, Strawberry Generation. Erm, I am not talking about a new Zombie game or hand held game boy or whatchamacallits but I am describing humans or homo sapiens generally boxed into categories.

I feel antiquated when at conversations, I speak on a topic and people think I am speaking in a language unheard of in my little red dot. Trust me, it is in English and I even said it in Singlish (our local slang) and yet, they grasp ZILCH! Man! It hit me and I know I am antiquated when the Gen X or Gen Y says, “ohhhh, that is retro”


But thankfully, they are into disco era and it was as if John Travolta is an icon as songs from the 70s, 80s or 90s (erm, these human forms call it “noughties” duh!! In English, I would say “naughty”) is the only way I was taught to spell the same synonym but it takes a whole new meaning!

I love the Disco songs – the likes of Donna Summer, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Bee Gees – thankfully, their songs are still deemed cool and hip just like Michael Jackson as well as Whitney Houston (God rest her soul, I will never forget her sopranic rendition of the Body Guard theme song).

I feel antiquated when I see George Clooney’s latest pix and realise, Gawd, he has aged! So has Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones fame) and Robin Williams (I was watching his latest sitcom as an advertising firm owner, working alongside her daughter) – good grief, I must be aging too as they have and the last time I checked, I ain’t no immortal like the Chinese Fairies!! 😉

Age catches up with everyone and no one is left behind. I see the aches and pains of my parents and though I am riddled in pain most times because of Sjorgren’s, 10 screws, implants and titanium rods, I wonder how I will be if ever I live to their ages.

True, humans are living longer but I certainly do not want to live like an immortal if I have no mobility. I prefer to die with dignity 😀


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