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Kids Can Be Brutal, Kids Can Be “Evil”

on July 30, 2014

Kids (actually I am referring to young children here and not “kids” as in the young of goats LOL) are pure innocence and I mean, truly innocent such that they say it and tell it as they see it!

I love childlike innocence to a certain degree as too much of it can seem like a horror movie! Pray tell, a young child would scream or in their lingua franca…”tell me! Tell me!” when they are eager to know if you will agree to something they want or ask for. πŸ™‚

My nephew was once upon a time a 4 year old toddler and this is the best part of his life to me as I could tell him the best untruths that it confounds him. His innocence as I tell him fibs that my inanimate furry stuff toy, Garfield, can walk and talk only around midnight!

His innocent voice telling me that so and so we met, “is stinky pooh” – Kids being kids will tell you if someone we met smells, be it a beggar or one with bad body odour. As an adult, I cringe when he tells me such things in the presence of the person who is the poor party he is referring to.

Yes, in adult life, we have to be kind and I guess this is where we have to be cruel to be kind. Cruel to me means, we shield the truth from the person referred to as personal hygiene is a personal choice. Or maybe the person works in a menial laborer’s role that he has no choice.

I remember explaining to nephew why it is not nice to say that and keep it to self but he would innocently reply, “Yee Yee (dialect for Aunty) why don’t we just tell him to clean up and he will be smelling good again!” – true, nephew has a point, but nobody likes to hear of anything negative per se.

I especially cringe when nephew says, “why are you so fat!” – this is pure evil! FAT, good grief, that is the end if it is a female person he is referring to.

This adult “fat” person giving and nephew receiving hong bao ( a red packet for Chinese New Year that contains money) may not be amused by his candid announcement. I can see visions of an invisible mallet pounding on nephew’s head.

These days, words like “overweight” or “obese” sounds lighter but it means the same, “FAT”!! Ugh!! What is worst is when the clinician says,
“morbidly obese” – now this sounds evil like! As if a strange foreboding of Doomslayer standards!

Sigh, kids can be the funniest or evilest thing….if there is such a word as “evilest” as technically, it is “the most evil” – but hey, they are kids and as they mix with others in school, they will grow up, they will learn to say “politically correct” words to describe someone or be polite to keep it to self and say or comment in the privacy of his own.

Welcome to a kid’s world! πŸ˜€


6 responses to “Kids Can Be Brutal, Kids Can Be “Evil”

  1. zareenn3 says:

    It is interesting though, don’t you think, how some actions are linked to age? I mean, if a child does it, it’s cute or acceptable. But it’s a different story when an adult does it.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Totally agree! I guess the childlike innocence quality is required and I have been experimenting with childlike innocence when giving back slime in the nicest way & guess what it can work πŸ˜€ Give it a shot! Bunch of idiots need it some time!

  2. zareenn3 says:

    I guess when people grow up, we expect them to be more careful of how to act according to our society’s wish or obey the general norm. Unlike the kid, who doesn’t really give a damn and will speak what came to his mind.
    Imagine a world where we would ALL be allowed to act as kids!

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