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Aging Is Unconditional

on July 31, 2014

Aging comes to different people in different forms.

A baby ages as the baby begins to crawl and then pick self up to walk those first steps and enters toddler hood.

I like making up new terms to suit the occasion 🙂 but darn it, parents get all gooey eyed and grand parents gleam as if they are seeing a miraculous feat! Gawd, it is just a darn four feet starting to walk two feet ha ha! Parenthood, I can never understand other than, it is a burden for life or an investment, take your pick 😉

As a toddler grows up to be a kid, their lungs become even bigger capacities for air to make a lot of noise or I want this or I want that…parents had better have deep pockets as kids compare bags, shoes, IT gadgetry and communication devices! Unending field trips overseas, not across a neighbouring country mind you, but as far as Amsterdam during the school break. Time to hock your silverware or gold bars to pay for this trip.

As a kid grows up to be a teenager…acne, periods, or male hormones get raging. Dating is an issue with parents. Curfews set in and a lot of arguments on being grounded or something like that.

As a spouse – a whole new world begins. Wifey is always domineering and wanting to control man! Man is always like a meerkat, on its hind paws listening or not really, but programmed to say, “yes dear, or no dear” – this is the best tacit diplomacy to avoid being in the dog house!

As a parent, even if you become a grandparent, your child who may be in their 30s, 40s or 50s, is still your “baby”

As a grandparent, you silently cry when your children and grandchildren forgets you. You take such a back seat that you soon blend in with the walls. If mobility is robbed, you are left in the care of a care giver if you are lucky or with children of domineering spouses. Usually the women are the evilest as you are parked with the son’s home.

Aging is unconditional and a difficult one if one does not adjust to accept and manage old age. Coping or a challenge? Coping with success is fine but when it is a challenge and you lose or your coping mechanism fails, then, you may be chucked into an aged home! But hey this is better than being imprisoned with an “in law” than being outlawed, a prisoner in your own “home”

Ageing gracefully, though often touted, is an art and requires a fair amount of coping, verbosity and mindful determination to retain your marbles and make your position clear.

Feisty to stay ahead as a senior or in my little red dot, our latest tag phrase – the pioneer generation 🙂


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