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Simple Delights Or I Call It A Quick Hunger Fix

on July 31, 2014

When I am in need of a quick hunger fix, I find my Asian roots rearing its head in choices of food. Asian? Because I am assuming it is of this genre of food choice, given, ancestors take it for a quick hunger fix or is it because of the British Crown Colony effect(?)

This is where I am unsure as my American, Asian or British palate comes into play!

I love taking a heaped teaspoon of Nescafe Gold Instant coffee granules (choked full of caffeine – I assure you the red cap signifying decaffeinated on the jar label is a waste of time for coffee habitual drinkers), stirring in hot boiling water and sitting down to chow down on Jacob’s cream crackers.

The old fashioned Jacob’s cream crackers, till a new variety came along – wholemeal, low salt & high fibre! Of course our own little red dot came out with their own version under Thye Hong brand, oilier but great tasting! Yup, anything that tastes good is usually greasier as there must be some form of oil in it.

Dunking in these superb crackers and slipping an occasional McVities Digestives biscuit or a Marks & Spencer Rich Tea biscuit is a rare treat!

Absolutely satiating and tasty this darn treat is and it is so addictive that I can if I choose, dunk more than 3 pcs of this cream cracker 😀

But the greedy pig in me has to stop at 3 cream crackers!!

I never enjoyed chunking down pancakes or waffles or bangers and mash as they say as I am oh so guilty as these foods make me so very guilty after pigging out!

Ah well, I am happy to have a 1 kilo tin of these cream crackers in my office cabinet for emergency quick fixes on the tummy growls or if I feel in need of some comfort food 🙂


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