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Bidding Farewell To Good Part Time Help

on October 26, 2014

Ms China is leaving for home first week of November. This is my second parting with her. The first was 6 years ago when she left after her work contract ended.

She went home to her farm house with cement flooring and mud walls.

Ms China is a good part time help! Precious to me and irreplaceable as she took care of cleaning details. I appreciated her house help always as she knows exactly what I need and chores to be done.

Always with a smile, Ms China was obliging and would sympathize with my medical condition to understand my needs and wants in housekeeping areas.

I love clean toilets, cleaned to the standards of hospitals and she does that for me.

Out to make a better living in my little red dot, she works hard to save and buy a house for her family. She scrimps and saves but is rather generous in her treatment of me. Sparing no expense, she would hunt down Garfield items for me and bring with her whenever she went home.

This time, she is leaving rather quickly as she faced work pressures, given her command of the English language frightens her into fearing or the phobia of being able to do her job as a shipping clerk. She was devastated having to make this difficult decision.

I admire her responsibilities as she faced up to her phobia, realizing that if she shipped stuff to wrong places, she could cause the company she works for, great issues.

Good jobs are hard to come by and she knows her hardship when she goes home as pay is lesser. Her dream of owning a home is then further.

As I bid her farewell, I felt a lump in my throat as she is a good friend. I told her to strive to come back and work. With the foreign income earned, her dream of owning a home becomes nearer.

Thank goodness for WeChat as it means I can still keep her friendship, albeit she in China and me in my little red dot.

I hope she saves enough to buy a two bedroom apartment for her family comprising husband and ison with parents in law.

In my little red dot, I take clean running water gushing out from taps for granted. With the push of a lever, my toilets are flushed. No pooping into pits in an out house away from the house. No night soil tipping as they say.

I need out have to forage for sticks or logs to cook or keep warm during winters.

I felt for Ms China and admire her tenacity and will to have a better life, even if it means living in quarters for 9 to a room!



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